Marchisio: Finishing key for Juventus

"We definitely created less than Celtic but in the end we were more clinical," said goalscorer Claudio Marchisio after a 3-0 Juventus win Gianluigi Buffon thought was hard earned.

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"We definitely created less than Celtic but in the end we were more clinical," said Claudio Marchisio after Juventus secured a 3-0 UEFA Champions League round of 16 first-leg win in Glasgow in which he scored the second goal. Having worked hard to keep a clean sheet, Gianluigi Buffon praised the home side and the atmosphere their fans created.

Claudio Marchisio, Juventus midfielder
It was a difficult match. Celtic caused us a lot of difficulties, particularly in the first half, but the team managed to keep up the pressure and bring home a very important result – because scoring three away goals counts for a lot. Taking our chances and scoring was important. We definitely created less than Celtic, but in the end we were more clinical and managed to secure this win.

Gianluigi Buffon, Juventus goalkeeper
We wanted to play the game as we normally do, attacking and pressing our opponents, but we had to face a team that caused us difficulties – and it was a very intense atmosphere. That's why we tried to have trust in ourselves, defending where necessary, being dangerous on the counter, and being clinical with our chances.

The result says it was easy but the match was very difficult to play in. It was pretty hard, and as I said it was determined by certain situations which basically all went in our favour. That's why we achieved such a solid result here but Celtic showed themselves to be a great team.