Mario Suárez talks up Atlético's second-leg chances

Although Club Atlético de Madrid's Mario Suárez emerged frustrated from last night's scoreless first leg against Chelsea FC, he remained adamant his team could progress.

Club Atlético de Madrid's players were in philosophical mood following Tuesday's 0-0 draw against Chelsea FC, with Mario Suárez, Filipe Luís and Miranda all telling that the UEFA Champions League semi-final remains an open contest with next Wednesday's Stamford Bridge return to come. rounds up the Atlético reaction.

Mario Suárez, Atlético midfielder
I think we played the [style of] game we had to play. We knew they were going to set themselves out the way they did but in the end we couldn't score a goal. It's a pity. We wanted to win but this game is now behind us. I'm not sure that they even had a strike on goal. We expected Chelsea to be that way. Our coach told us how the game was going to be and he wasn't wrong. Chelsea got what they came here for but we still have the return leg. This was a [UEFA] Champions League semi-final and as such, was a very difficult game.  Just as we would against any other team, however, we are going there to try to win over there. A goal for us in the return would be worth a lot. We will have our chances and will go for it.

Filipe Luís, Atlético defender
I think the result is fair. Chelsea knew what they were coming here to do, but then so did we. Chelsea were clued up on how we would play. They put tall players in to stop our aerial game. I think they studied us well. It was a very tactical game.

The return leg is completely open. We will look to try to score there, all the while being sensible. We know it can still go either way but they are playing at home and are very strong [at Stamford Bridge]. [Gabi's suspension for the second match] represents an important loss to us, especially as he is our captain. We will try to cover that loss as best as we can.     

Miranda, Atlético defender
Tonight's result is a pity. I think if we had scored an early goal the game would have been completely different. Chelsea have a solid defence and worked hard for their draw. They are strong at the back and have big defenders who were excellent today.