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Published: Monday 16 September 2002, 20.32CET's UEFA Champions League player profiles are a mine of information. features

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Published: Monday 16 September 2002, 20.32CET

High-profile commitment's UEFA Champions League player profiles are a mine of information. are proud to announce that our player profile section for the new UEFA Champions League season is ready, providing an unequalled level of information about every player in all 32 competing teams.

Massive undertaking
From the lowliest squad player to the biggest international star, staff have spent the last few weeks compiling information about every player who is registered to play in the 2002/03 campaign, and we are confident that no one can match our level of coverage.

Accessible menus
Using the left-hand menus in the Champions League section,'s dossiers of information on each player can be accessed alphabetically, through the 'Players' menu, or through their team via the 'Clubs' menu.

Player biographies
For each player, we have done our utmost to provide a brief summary of his career so far indicating his strengths and weaknesses where necessary and giving some idea of what can be expected from them as the world's premier club competition begins in earnest on Tuesday night.

Statistical analysis
Throughout the competition, our users will also be able to access regularly updated information about each player's performance in the competition which will include how many minutes of how many games he has played in, how many goals he has scored as well as information on shots on goal and disciplinary records.

A mine of information
In practical terms, this will allow all users, from ordinary supporters through to players, coaches and club presidents, to access accurate, up-to-date information on their favourite players and upcoming opponents throughout the duration of the Champions League season.

Club histories
In addition to this, within the next few days we will also be publishing individual club histories for every side involved in the first group stage of this season's competition.

Last updated: 26/08/03 11.50CET

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