Injury setback for Luis Enrique

FC Barcelona's Luis Enrique needs at least another month on the sidelines to cure an achilles tendon problem.

Bid for fitness
The 32-year-old midfield player has been ordered to follow a new course of treatment for the tendinitis which has afflicted him since the middle of October. The former Spanish international, who has not played since the 6-1 league victory against Deportivo Alavés on 26 October, will undergo hyperthermal therapy in a bid to be fit for the resumption of the UEFA Champions League second group stage next month.

Troublesome injury
"It is a bad injury," club doctor Ramón Cugat said. "Tendinitis is notoriously difficult to cure, especially when the achilles tendon is involved. Ronaldo's problems started with a tendinitis and then developed into something much worse." However, Barcelona hope to have Luis Enrique available for the Group A match against Internazionale FC at Camp Nou on 18 February.