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Public screening at UEFA EURO 2016

All information pertaining to requesting a public screening licence for UEFA EURO 2016 can be found here.
Public screening at UEFA EURO 2016
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Public screening at UEFA EURO 2016

All information pertaining to requesting a public screening licence for UEFA EURO 2016 can be found here.

The online application portal to request a public screening licence for UEFA EURO 2016 is now open.

Prior to requesting a public screening licence, please make sure you have read the terms and conditions carefully and are comfortable that you can adhere to them. Furthermore, you are strongly advised to make sure you have all local authorisations necessary to organise a public screening prior to submitting your request. Once a request has been submitted it cannot be altered and any fees paid (in case of a commercial licence) are non-refundable. Fees will only have to be paid once your request has been approved. The licence will be issued once the applicable licence fees are received by UEFA. If no licence fee is payable the licence will be issued immediately when your request has been approved. UEFA aims to treat a request within four weeks but due to the high number of applications expected this may not always be possible.

Submitting an application will only take a couple of minutes. Applicants will have to provide certain information on the identity of the licensee (the person/entity who will enter the contractual relationship with UEFA), the location of the public screening, expected attendance numbers and the type of revenue-generating activities (if any) you wish to undertake at the public screening. If a fee is payable for the licence you are requesting this will automatically be calculated and shown prior to making your application final. UEFA, through its agency CAA Eleven, may contact you for additional information on the details of your request. To guide you through the application process and make sure your application is complete and accurate, please read the application manual.

In some territories, specific arrangements between UEFA and the relevant UEFA broadcast partner or public licensing authorities exist whereby the licences are not issued by UEFA but by the relevant UEFA broadcast partner or local licensing authority. If that is the case in your country, you will be notified in the first step of your application and provided with the relevant contact details.

If you have any question prior, during or after the application process, please do not hesitate to send an email to


The term 'Public Screening', refers to the showing of televised football matches outside of the domestic environment, for example by a football club, a school, a city or an event agency. Such public screening events are subject to a specific licence from the organiser of the football match in question. In the case of UEFA EURO 2016, UEFA.

Public screenings in bars/hotels/restaurants and other commercial establishments will not require a licence from UEFA where they normally operate screens in their premises pursuant to a relevant 'commercial premises' TV subscription and they have the necessary local authorisations provided that such events are not sponsored and no entry fee is charged.

Small scale events
Although considered public screenings, UEFA will not require small scale events of up to 300 people to apply for a licence, unless such events are sponsored or access is subject to an entrance fee. This is in order to avoid unnecessary paperwork for both the organisers and UEFA.

Organisers of such events do still need to ensure that they comply with UEFA's public screening terms and conditions and obtain all applicable local permits and authorisations. The applicable terms and conditions are available here.

Furthermore, UEFA reserves the right to withdraw this automatic consent for such public screenings where the organiser does not follow any of the requirements outlined above.

Organisers may not:

• Use any UEFA and/or UEFA EURO 2016 logos/marks;
• Present their event as an official UEFA EURO 2016 event;
• Alter or modify the TV signal, for example by adding graphics.

General Information

The programme
Public screening events are split into two categories: commercial and non-commercial. Commercial public screening events are subject to the payment of licence fees and have a commercial character, for example, through the sale of food and beverages, charging of entrance fees or sponsoring of the event by third parties. Non-commercial public screening events have no commercial exploitation at all. For both categories, a licence from UEFA is compulsory except where the public screening is a small scale event (as described above).

UEFA's public screening programme for UEFA EURO 2016 has evolved since the UEFA EURO 2012 programme. The main changes compared to UEFA EURO 2012 are:

• The licence fees for commercial public screenings are calculated on a 'spectator capacity' basis instead of screen size;
• The brand and promotional exposure for third parties involved in the public screening but that are not official UEFA EURO 2016 partners, is restricted to the location of the public screening only.

Apart from the above changes, the programme, as well as the terms and conditions, remain largely unchanged. Some elements to highlight in this respect are:

• Public screening licences are issued for the duration of the tournament. It is at the licensee's discretion to decide how many matches will be screened;
• Licences for non-commercial public screenings are free of charge;
• Public screenings with a commercial or revenue generating character are subject to payment of a licence fee;
• Sponsorship opportunities for commercial public screenings must first be offered to the official UEFA EURO 2016 partners. No other companies may be approached prior to 1 March 2016;
• Sponsorship opportunities may not be offered to any company that is directly or indirectly competing with the official UEFA EURO 2016 partners;
• In order to protect the official partners of UEFA EURO 2016, a 'protected window' applies during which any on-screen activation is restricted to the official UEFA EURO 2016 partners;
• The licensee is responsible (at own cost) for all organisational matters connected to the public screening as well as obtaining (and paying for) all necessary local permits and authorisations required to organise and operate a public screening.

Only public screenings that have a commercial character are subject to payment of a licence fee to UEFA. These are events that:

• Generate direct revenues through the sale of products, goods and services (including F&B); or
• Offer branding or other commercial activations to third parties, regardless whether this is at a fee or free of charge; or
• Charge entry fees.

The fees are calculated on a 'spectator capacity' basis, for which UEFA has identified five categories. An overview of the fees as well as some practical examples on how the fees are calculated can be found here.

Special rules for France
The same terms and conditions apply for public screenings organised in UEFA EURO 2016 host territory France. However, additional rules apply for public screenings organised in the host cities, being:

• Licences for public screenings taking place in the host cities will only be granted on an exceptional basis; and
• No licences will be issued for public screenings taking place within a radius of two kilometres around any UEFA EURO 2016 match stadium.

The reason for a specific host city approach is that each host city will have its own official UEFA EURO 2016 Fan Zone where football fans can gather and watch the matches on big screens.

Terms and Conditions
As with any other licence, a Public Screening Licence is subject to certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the legal framework of the programme and are binding for all parties that apply for a Public Screening Licence. You must read the terms and conditions carefully and agree to be bound by them before applying for a licence. The terms and conditions can be found here.

Practical matters

Management of requests
CAA11, UEFA's commercial agent for the marketing of the commercial rights to UEFA EURO 2016, is responsible for the implementation of the public screening licensing programme for UEFA EURO 2016. CAA11 will deal with all requests, issue the licences and answer relevant questions from organisers. For any question to which you cannot find the answer in the documentation currently available, please email CAA11.

In some countries other third parties may be involved in the granting of licences in relation to the programme. If that is the case in your territory this will be clearly communicated to licensees during the application process.

Applying and, if relevant, paying for a licence
Applications for licences can only be submitted once the results of the UEFA EURO 2016 finals draw are known. Applications can only be submitted via the online application portal and not by email or telephone.

If and when licence fees are payable to UEFA, payments can only be made via credit card and must be received by UEFA prior to the licence being issued. Fees paid are not refunded, regardless of whether the public screening takes place or not. Fees are net and do not include VAT.

• December 2015 (following the UEFA EURO 2016 finals draw): opening of application portal.
• 6 May 2016: application deadline.
• 10 June 2016: opening match, UEFA EURO 2016.
• 10 July 2016: UEFA EURO 2016 final.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
For most people, organising a public screening event is not a daily routine and poses quite a lot of questions. In the Public Screening FAQs you can find answers to all sorts of questions related to the organisation of a public screening event. This document is regularly updated but if your question is not featured, please do not hesitate to send CAA11 an email.

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