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Bento wary of Denmark and Serbia

Published: Sunday 23 February 2014, 17.00CET
While Serbia's Ljubinko Drulović plots how to get past them, Portugal are well aware of the challenge posed by their Group I rivals, and Denmark are in confident mood.

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Published: Sunday 23 February 2014, 17.00CET

Bento wary of Denmark and Serbia

While Serbia's Ljubinko Drulović plots how to get past them, Portugal are well aware of the challenge posed by their Group I rivals, and Denmark are in confident mood.

Paulo Bento, Portugal coach
It is not an easy group. It will take a lot off effort from us. Denmark and Serbia will fight with us for qualification and we have already had lots of problems against these sides in the past. Armenia and Albania are outsiders, but that is only in theory. The goal for UEFA EURO 2016 is the same as always, but we will have to keep our feet on the ground and remain as humble as we have been so far.

Morten Olsen, Denmark coach
It did not really matter what teams we got from Pots 4 and 5, as there were good teams in all pots, but all in all we should be content. We have various experiences with Armenia, while we have never lost to Albania. We have finished ahead of Portugal in previous qualification tournaments, while Serbia are a quite unknown factor. However, from what I have heard from the Belgians who met them in the latest qualification tournament, they are a team in progress, and Belgrade is always a difficult place to play.

I was hoping to avoid teams from eastern Europe, but then again, a trip to Belgrade is not that far for instance. In general, I see good opportunities in this group, and I am also looking forward to playing the friendly matches against France.

Ljubinko Drulović, acting Serbia coach
I think it is an extremely tough group. I spent almost a decade as a player in Portugal and now we have them in the group. We were also together in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2008, so it seems it is destiny for us [to play them]. They are definitely favourites, if you ask me, and we will do everything to fight for second place. The matches will definitely be really tough, so it is a group which will require you to be fully focused in every match. Denmark are a typical Scandinavian team, but with much better technique. Albania and Armenia always want more. Those teams are really tough when they play at home and will be such interesting competition.

[The 24-team format is better] because two national teams get through directly, and the third-placed teams make the play-offs, or the best goes directly to the finals. Our country and our people deserve to watch our national team in a competition like this. I believe we have the quality, there are players who play for great clubs and I think we want to build a great team, which will at last.

Roman Berezovsky, Armenia goalkeeper
[This is] not an easy group, but the others can say that, too. I am sure that every team will be fighting to finish as high as possible. Portugal are a bit stronger than the rest, but all the teams will have to prove themselves on the pitch. It has been a long time since Armenia feared big names. Our win in Denmark is just the latest proof. We have to keep proving that everything is possible in modern football.

Giovanni De Biasi, Albania coach
It is a very difficult draw – no luck for Albania here. Every team are strong in our group. We just have to take it game by game and hope for the best. We will be ready for every team we face. We have to give our maximum, play our best and be optimistic.

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