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EURO 2004™ rights to be protected

Published: Monday 1 March 2004, 20.37CET
Specific legislation has been introduced to protect commercial rights associated with UEFA EURO 2004™.
Published: Monday 1 March 2004, 20.37CET

EURO 2004™ rights to be protected

Specific legislation has been introduced to protect commercial rights associated with UEFA EURO 2004™.

The Portuguese government has introduced specific legislation aimed at protecting the commercial rights associated with UEFA EURO 2004™.

Legally protected
The purpose is to ensure that all official marks, brands and official licensed products produced by the official licensees, are now legally protected from all forms of counterfeiting and pirating activities.

'Specific legal regime'
In a statement the Portuguese ministers' counsel said: "This decree law establishes a specific legal regime for the protection of UEFA EURO 2004™ designations, as well as the mechanisms to reinforce the fight against any means, either direct or indirect, of illicitly taking advantage of the benefits resulting from UEFA EURO 2004™."

Commercial partners
EURO 2004™ is the third largest sporting event worldwide and to a large degree the successful staging of the tournament is dependent on the support UEFA receives from its commercial partners. Unfortunately, the UEFA European Championship's huge popularity leads some companies to try and associate themselves illegally with the tournament and financially benefit without making any monetary contribution to the event, or to the game of football as a whole.

The implementation of this legislation, along with the already extensive trademark and copyright protection that UEFA has in place throughout the world, further emphasises that non-sponsors and other persons taking advantage of the event should stick to marketing programmes and promotions which do not violate UEFA's rights or those of its commercial partners.

'Robust and extensive'
Lars-Christer Olsson, the UEFA Chief Executive, said: "The implementation of this legislation gives UEFA EURO 2004™ robust and extensive protection in Portugal. The Portuguese Government and Authorities must be credited with tremendous foresight to implement such legislation, enabling UEFA to further protect the UEFA EURO 2004™ brand and to ensure that the benefits to UEFA's partners, the sport of football and its fans are not jeopardised by ambush marketing activities."

Successful tournament
Gianni Infantino, director of UEFA's legal services, added: "This legislation will undoubtedly help UEFA in its activities of protection of the right of exclusivity of its Official Partners and National Supporters in order to guarantee a successful tournament.

"The legislation was implemented with the extensive co-operation of the Portuguese Government, the Portuguese Trademark office and the officials from the Portuguese Football Federation working with Euro 2004, S.A., the organising committee of UEFA EURO 2004™."

Unauthorised sales
UEFA also announced a continued action against the illegal and unauthorised sales of EURO 2004™ tickets. The only official source of tickets is Euro 2004, S.A., which issues tickets for the tournament. UEFA and Euro 2004, S.A. are investigating complaints of illegal and unauthorised ticket sales to protect the safety and security of all those attending the tournament.

Regular monitoring
UEFA's legal commercial service regularly monitors the internet and other media for illegal ticket offers and does not hesitate to take action against illegal ticket sales.

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