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Sebastian Mila

Published: Thursday 1 March 2012, 13.36CET
The Poland midfielder on Wroclaw and why you will not find his padlock at the city's Bridge of Love.

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Published: Thursday 1 March 2012, 13.36CET

Sebastian Mila

The Poland midfielder on Wroclaw and why you will not find his padlock at the city's Bridge of Love.

Sebastian Mila hails from northern Poland, but since joining WKS Śląsk Wrocław in 2008 he admits he has found a place where he could spend the rest of his life. The midfielder, who has had spells in Austria and Norway, was named Polish player of the year after skippering the unfancied side to second place in the Ekstraklasa in 2010/11. It helped Mila cement a place in the Polish set-up, and he dreams of representing his country in Wroclaw on 16 June when the UEFA EURO 2012 co-hosts face the Czech Republic in their final Group A fixture.

The best thing is …
Wroclaw is a city of bridges; it can feel like you are in Venice at times. It is very interesting place which attracts lots of students, tourists, investors and new inhabitants. Everybody likes the climate here. I always tell my fiancee that this is the warmest city in Poland! In my opinion, it is here that spring arrives first and winter comes the last.

My favourite view …
The newly built Sky Tower is the highest building in the city. There are plans to open a viewing terrace at the end of the year, including a cafeteria 200m above ground. For the time being, though, I strongly recommend a visit to the tower at St Elizabeth Church in Starowka. It is 80m high and I must warn all of you: there is no lift! But my favourite view has to be from the evening boat trip on the Odra river. There is nothing comparable to that.

Culture break …
Visitors to Wroclaw have plenty to discover. First of all, you should visit the Panorama Racławicka, a 114m-long rotunda housing a panoramic painting depicting the 1794 battle of Raclawice when peasants defeated the mighty Russian army. This is the first place I visited in Wroclaw. A boat trip on the Odra river is also recommended, as is a visit to Ostrow Tumski, the oldest part of Wroclaw and home to the cathedral. Then there is the Rynek and Wroclaw Zoo, the oldest zoo in Poland. I have been there many times. And last but not least, there is our new stadium – a breathtaking place.

My favourite place …
I live eight minutes' walk from the Rynek so I spend most of my spare time there. I often walk through the nice streets of Ostrow Tumski and in the summer we organise picnics and barbeques at Grabiszyński Park. Then there is the Bridge of Love, a bridge covered in padlocks bearing the names of lovers. Tradition says you should attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into river, then the love between the couple will last as long as the padlock is attached to the bridge. It is a nice story and I was going to put my padlock there. But then I asked myself, 'what if somebody takes it?' I love my Ula too much to lose her, so I did not put it there.

A bite to eat …
Everybody should try żurek, a famous sour rye soup. It is thick, and is often accompanied by white sausage and egg. You can have it served in special bread.

My fondest memory …
My lovely daughter Michalinka was born here, so Wroclaw will always be deeply held in my heart and mind. The second event I will never forget is related to football. Last season we finished runners-up and that was a big pleasure for all who love Śląsk. We went to the Rynek to celebrate with our fans. It was already evening, lot of flares, fantastic atmosphere. All of a sudden fans suggested I climbed a street lamp. I did so and saw all those happy, cheering supporters. At the same time I thought it would be great to come back to this lamp one day – it would be fantastic to have another reason to climb it.

Night fever …
I do not frequent discos, but like everybody else in Wroclaw I know the Rynek is the place to go. There are a huge number of pubs and restaurants, guaranteeing that everybody will find something. Some people even say the crowds are bigger here at night than during the day.

Tell us something we don't know ...
There is a building in the Rynek that hides a dark secret – its windows are fake, painted, but they look very, very similar to real ones. It is very difficult to find it – it took me months! I wish all of you good luck. Go there and look for it. Have fun.

Room for improvement …
The only thing Wroclaw lacks is underground system. Since my fiancee got her driving licence a year ago my main contact with the car has been reduced to refuelling it! If there was an underground in the city, I would eagerly use it!

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