Your tweets answered by Salenko

The only player to score five goals in a FIFA World Cup match, former Russian international Oleg Salenko dropped in to take your tweets and have his say on UEFA EURO 2012.

Oleg Salenko

Former Russian international Oleg Salenko holds the record for scoring the most goals in a FIFA World Cup match after registering five against Cameroon in 1994. Now, as continues to give fans a voice at UEFA EURO 2012, the ex-forward dropped in to answer questions sent by users via Twitter. Salenko had his say on Russia's performance, the best striker he played against, and what the future holds for him.

@ErryKop: On a scale of 1-10, how would you describe the Russia team at this EURO?

Oleg Salenko: Considering the fact that Russia did not get out of the group and played only one good match, I will give them a three. Nobody expected that they would fail to get out of such a group.

@kicker_gr: Who is the best keeper of the tournament so far?

Salenko: It's hard to say as there haven't been any games yet where the keeper has influenced the result of the match. There are goalkeepers who are famous for their club performances but during EURO 2012 there hasn't been a keeper who has stood out.

@Amvherista: How did you feel after you scored five goals in a single match at the 1994 World Cup?

Salenko: I felt a lot of emotions. Before the game we were mentally prepared like normal but we could only go through if we scored a high number of goals. Ukraine have it easier [against England] because they just have to win to get out of the group, whereas back then we had to wait for other results to find out if we were through. I didn't know back then that scoring five goals would be a record. Later, when we got back to the hotel and received official congratulations, I understood what had happened. You only realise what it means to hold such a record after your career is finished and when you start reminiscing about what you have achieved.

@bobbob5482: Who was the greatest striker you played against?

Salenko: Back in those days the forward who stood out most, due to his unpredictability, was Romário. We were all very well trained technically and tactically but Romário was exceptional. For example, when we swapped shirts after the game in the World Cup it was 40C but he had barely broken sweat. He is a player who could change a game in a moment. He could just be standing there and then get the ball, run at the opponents' defence, score and then go back to just standing there.

@kikke85: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Salenko: I plan to renew my coaching licence. Football is changing in Ukraine and attitudes towards the game and towards coaches are changing, which is a good thing. It hasn't always been of a high enough standard but I hope to make a comeback in two or three years as this is my passion.