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Martínez lends expertise to take your tweets

Published: Sunday 24 June 2012, 16.30CET
Spanish-born manager Roberto Martínez, who guided Wigan Athletic FC to Premier League safety last season, took time out to sit down with and answer your tweets.
Published: Sunday 24 June 2012, 16.30CET

Martínez lends expertise to take your tweets

Spanish-born manager Roberto Martínez, who guided Wigan Athletic FC to Premier League safety last season, took time out to sit down with and answer your tweets.

Roberto Martínez was the architecht of Wigan Athletic FC's remarkable run at the end of the 2011/12 Premier League season which saw them avoid relegation with a game to spare. The Spanish-born manager dropped in to answer your tweets and give his expert opinion on motivating a team for the big occasion and Portugal's chances of overcoming Vicente del Bosque's men.

@adamsummerton: What is the most important factor determining differing levels of technique between Spain and England?

I wouldn't say genetics. It's practising and being able to win games from a technical point of view. Sometimes in the development of a player, we see coaches that want to win at all costs and that is a massive punishment for the youngster. The most important thing is developing players, allowing them to have as many touches on the ball, enjoy controlling the football and forget about the results.

The competitive edge arrives when you master your skills and when you master your quality as an individual. I feel that sometimes we are too competitive in the lower age groups and that stops players from expressing themselves and from showing their quality which has a big effect. The weather in Spain helps a little bit, the same way it helps in Brazil and Portugal. We can help our youngsters with the coaching. I know that the FA are starting to put a programme together that is going to help young players to develop technically. Genetically, I can guarantee you that English players are as good as any others.

@EmperorKal: How do you get a team to perform when it's critical to do so?

The most important aspect to being able to perform under massive pressure or expectation is just to forget about the occasion and the event you are playing in and master what you are good at. As an individual and a player you have to make sure that you are doing the job that the team requires from you. However, when you are on the pitch, whatever you are playing for, you should be able to enjoy your role – you should be enjoying playing football, that's the most important thing.

If you are on the pitch doing your bit for the team and you can enjoy it then I think that's when you can perform at your best. Players sometimes finish the game and look back and regret their approach slightly because they felt that the meaning of the game or the occasion had too much of a bearing on their performance. That is important because it can stop you before the game starts.

@TiagoPiresTR10: What do you think of Portugal's chances of reaching the final?

I am really impressed with Portugal. Paulo Bento deserves huge credit, it was a very astute tactical change to free [Cristiano] Ronaldo. For me, the strength of that group is the midfield three – [Miguel] Veloso, [João] Moutinho and [Raul] Meireles. I think they give a fantastic balance and they are a really good combination but obviously, in any team, you need to score goals. That comes from Cristiano Ronaldo.

He can afford just to appear in the game and be very effective because he is completely free, he starts on the left-hand side but he'll come through the middle, play in between lines and get in behind people. You'll see him having one-on-ones everywhere on the pitch. I am fascinated how Paulo Bento has found the perfect, winning formula for Portugal. They are very strong as a team but they can rely on one of the best players of his generation, in Cristiano Ronaldo.

@MinaFouad1: If you were coaching a team at the EUROs, which team do you think would best fit your 3-4-3 formation and why?

That is a good question. You need to work with the players to answer that question exactly. Italy play with a back three and they have played really well. [Daniele] De Rossi mastered that position, he got on the ball, he was the player to start the play and was impressive. [Leonardo] Bonucci is a really good centre-half to play alongside him. [Giorgio] Chiellini is now injured but [Andrea] Barzagli can do the same role.

There are a few teams in Italy that play a back three so it's not a surprise for them and it's not something that they need to learn at the tournament. I would say that the Italians are the most suited to play the 3-4-3 formation.

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