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Nuno Gomes responds to users' questions

Published: Wednesday 27 June 2012, 10.00CET
Nuno Gomes may not have made Paulo Bento's Portugal finals squad but he was the ideal candidate to answer users' tweets ahead of the Selecção's semi-final against Spain.
Nuno Gomes responds to users' questions
Nuno Gomes looks ahead to Portugal's semi-final against Spain by answering users' tweets ©Getty Images
Published: Wednesday 27 June 2012, 10.00CET

Nuno Gomes responds to users' questions

Nuno Gomes may not have made Paulo Bento's Portugal finals squad but he was the ideal candidate to answer users' tweets ahead of the Selecção's semi-final against Spain.

Nuno Gomes will forever be remembered for scoring the Portugal goal against Spain in the UEFA EURO 2004 group stage that eliminated La Roja and sent the hosts into the quarter-finals.

That tournament ended in disappointment for Portugal, though, as they lost the final to Greece. This time around, the SC Braga forward narrowly missed out on a place in Paulo Bento's squad – but with 29 goals in 79 appearances for the Selecção, the 35-year-old was the perfect candidate to answer users' questions from our latest #Ask session.

@RConcheiro: Cesc Fàbregas recently said Portugal are good on the counterattack. Is this the key to beating Spain?

Nuno Gomes: Spain know that Portugal are very strong on the counterattack with fast and technically gifted players. They're very aware of that and they'll be focusing on that aspect of our game. It will be very difficult for them to stop every single Portuguese counterattack and Portugal may have a chance to score from one of them.

@Alex54CMAR: Everyone is talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, but how vital is it that the rest of the team feel as if they have played their part?

Nuno Gomes: Everyone is focusing on Cristiano because he is one of the best players in the world, so it's normal that people look at him first. However, our team is not just Cristiano. There are other players that are having a great tournament, and reaching the semi-final is also down to those guys.

@Soccer_Talk_: What was the best game you have played for Portugal?

Nuno Gomes: I would pick the match at EURO 2000, when we won 3-2 against England. That may be the best match for me, not because it was my best performance but because I scored my first goal for the national team. It was also the third goal that guaranteed Portugal victory. It was a historic game.

@NickKosMusic: Was there much pressure being pretty much Portugal's only striker for such a long time?

Nuno Gomes: No, I didn't feel any extra pressure. I may have felt some extra responsibility but it was at a time when I was already experienced so I was able to deal with it. It has always been said that Portugal produce great teams, but lack a goalscorer or a clinical player who kills teams off. It is an old problem and people still talk about it.

@jvella7gooner: How did it feel in 2004 to score the winning goal against Spain which sealed Portugal's progress on home soil?

Nuno Gomes: I felt great joy. It was an indescribable moment, an explosion of happiness. I felt like the whole stadium was exploding with joy. I didn't have time to feel anything else because I was smothered by my team-mates in celebration. It was a euphoric moment.

@_SagarSubedi: What were your happiest and saddest moment in international football with Portugal?

Nuno Gomes: The happiest moment was the goal against Spain because it was an all-or-nothing match for us. It was a match we needed to win, against a Spanish side that was already very strong. I scored and I will never forget anything about the goal, the celebrations afterwards and the explosion of joy felt throughout Portugal after the game. Unfortunately, the worst moment was at that same EURO when we lost the final against Greece. I don't think anyone expected us to lose and unfortunately for us, the Greeks surprised us.

@sepioes: Who was a better partner for you, Rui Costa, the young Cristiano Ronaldo or Luís Figo?

Nuno Gomes: I can't choose between them. We're talking about three excellent players, and I've had the luck of playing with all of them. I've also been fortunate to have them help me, which for a striker makes things much easier. Figo and Cristiano were already considered the best players in the world whereas Rui Costa wasn't but maybe he should have been.

@RealMadrid_Arg: Where does Cristiano Ronaldo stand in the list of great Portugal players?

Nuno Gomes: Cristiano, if he isn't already, will be considered as the best player in Portugal's history. We have Eusébio and Figo as our footballing stars and there are other players that deserve to be mentioned. Cristiano is at the same level as Figo and Eusébio, and I'm sure that when he finishes his career he'll be considered the best player in Portuguese history.

@missPopC: If you could be sent back in time to learn from a great at their peak, who would it be?

Nuno Gomes: Marco van Basten. When I was little I saw him score goals, and I liked the way he scored them. He was a born 'matador' – goalscorer – and had loads of class.

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