Coca-Cola presents its EURO

On Thursday in Paris, UEFA EURO 2016 official sponsor Coca-Cola presented the programme it has prepared for the tournament in sync with its 'Taste The Feeling' sales pledge.

Coca-Cola presented their program for UEFA EURO 2016

On Thursday in Paris, UEFA EURO 2016 official sponsor Coca-Cola presented all the arrangements it has put in place for this summer's final tournament.

Coca-Cola wishes to surprise all football fans by offering them innovating experiences, in sync with its new 'Taste The Feeling' sales pledge launched across the world in January.

Whether fans decide to follow the EURO on their own, with friends and family, at home, at the stadium, in the host cities or at the pub, Coca-Cola will provide a comprehensive package full of innovations and games, for a party atmosphere.

Last but not least, Coca-Cola has chosen Arsène Wenger as its expert voice. The Arsenal manager will analyse different matches and the tournament as a whole in exclusive videos that will be posted on the brand's social networks.

Coca-Cola's programme for UEFA EURO 2016

At the stadium

  • Recruiting 816 Europeans aged 13 to 17 as flag bearers who will accompany players when they enter the pitch
  • Mobile points of sale and containers turned into bars around the stadiums
  • Distribution of plastic cups bearing the colours of the teams playing that day
  • Setting up a system of pre-ordering allowing fans to receive a delivery directly at their seat at the stadium

In the cities

  • Labelling of baggage reclaim halls, baggage carousels and main train stations and airport terminals
  • Presence in the fan zones, with a dedicated space for Coca-Cola
  • Photo booths in the fan zones and mobile photo booths in cities enabling fans to customise Panini sticker-style selfies

At home

  • Partnership with Panini: 11 stickers showing the players of the French national team on 1.5 litre bottles
  • Opportunity to win goodies or UEFA EURO 2016 Panini stickers when you scan bottles or cans
  • Cooperation with Snapchat social network to offer fans exclusive filters bearing the colours of the event
  • Creation of a YouTube channel dedicated to football, called Coke TV
  • The Happiness Football Club website, launched in June 2015, will continuously produce football content dedicated to style, fashion, gaming and music with a funny side

In the bars

  • Coca-Cola will supply about 300 bars with eco-friendly fridges and Wi-Fi all over the region
  • 14 fun meeting points will be established in the ten host cities, including three in Paris
  • Sales of bottles bearing the colours of UEFA EURO 2016