New tool targets EURO ticket scamsters

UEFA has opened a new front in the battle against unauthorised or fraudulent UEFA EURO 2016 ticket sellers with the launch of a web tool to alert fans to suspicious touts.

Turnstile (Lille)

UEFA is launching, in cooperation with Brandsays, a tool which will help fans to recognise unauthorised and rogue websites offering tickets for UEFA EURO 2016.

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At present, there is a range of sites on which tickets are being illegitimately offered for sale. Some are sites on which individuals are trying to sell their unwanted tickets but sometimes these are offers of tickets which they do not have or which sometimes turn out to be fake. Others are 'phishing' or 'scam' websites looking to con the public out of their money.

Brandsays offers a completely new and simple solution to this serious problem around UEFA EURO 2016 tickets by alerting users to potentially dangerous websites. By simply downloading a browser utility tool, internet users will receive a warning on their screen if they are about to land on website considered authorised or unauthorised to sell UEFA EURO 2016 tickets. The same tool can be used to submit suspicious sites to UEFA for analysis.

UEFA will be updating the database of websites identified for the users of the tool so that gradually, as many websites as possible are identified and marked within this tool.

With this new development, UEFA is once again sending a strong message that unauthorised sellers of tickets will not be tolerated and is also further demonstrating its commitment to protecting football fans and consumers online, by contributing to the creation of a safer internet environment.

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