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Goals scored1
Attempts on target3
Attempts off target3
Fouls committed3
Yellow cards2
Red cards0


Last updated: 27/06/2012 11:57 CET


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Minute By Minute

  • End Time
    The final whistle is blown.
  • 90
    Stojković (Serbia) makes a save.
  • 86
    Baxşiyev (Azerbaijan) misses the target.
  • Goal
    Lazović (Serbia) scores!
    Another substitute gets in on the scoring for Serbia as Danko Lazović adds a sixth goal of the night. A cross from the right was headed back across goal and Lazović latches onto it, bringing the ball down on his chest and finishing from midway inside the box.
  • 79
    Ismaylov (Azerbaijan) delivers the corner.
  • Goal
    Jovanović (Serbia) scores!
    Just ten minutes after coming on Milan Jovanović increases Serbia's lead further - hitting a bullet shot from range that flies past Veliyev.
  • Substitution
    Pantelić (in) - Žigić (out) (Serbia)
  • 69
    Baxşiyev (Azerbaijan) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Jovanović (Serbia).
  • Yellow Card
    Baxşiyev (Azerbaijan) is booked.
  • Substitution
    Ismaylov (in) - Sultanov (out) (Azerbaijan)
  • Substitution
    Lazović (in) - Janković (out) (Serbia)
  • Substitution
    Jovanović (in) - Kovačević (out) (Serbia)
  • 63
    Gurbanov (Azerbaijan) delivers the corner.
  • 60
    R. Abbasov (Azerbaijan) delivers the corner.
  • 59
    Janković (Serbia) delivers the corner.
  • 57
    Rukavina (Serbia) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Subašić (Azerbaijan).
  • 55
    Janković (Serbia) delivers the corner.
  • 54
    Aliyev (Azerbaijan) is adjudged to be in an offside position.
  • Substitution
    Baxşiyev (in) - Gashimov (out) (Azerbaijan)
  • 49
    Žigić (Serbia) misses the target.
  • Start Time
    The second half begins.
  • End Time
    The referee blows for half-time.
  • 45+1
    Veliyev (Azerbaijan) makes a save.
  • 45+1
    Janković (Serbia) has an effort on goal.
  • Substitution
    Hasanzade (in) - Veliyev (out) (Azerbaijan)
  • 44
    Stojković (Serbia) makes a save.
  • 44
    Aliyev (Azerbaijan) has an effort on goal.
  • Goal
    Žigić (Serbia) scores!
    Žigić moves Serbia into a 4-1 lead as he finds the net with his right foot after going around goalkeeper Farkhad Veliyev and slotting in from a tight angle. The visitors seem well on their way to three points that will keep them hot on the heels of Portugal and Finland.
  • Goal
    Janković (Serbia) scores from a direct free-kick
    Four minutes before the break and Serbia have restored their two-goal advantage as Boško Janković hits a thunderbolt of a free-kick from long range high into the net, giving Azerbaijan keeper Farkhad Veliyev no chance.
  • 41
    R. Abbasov (Azerbaijan) takes the corner.
  • 41
    D. Tošić (Serbia) makes a save.
  • 41
    Aliyev (Azerbaijan) has an effort on goal.
  • 40
    S. Abbasov (Azerbaijan) is penalised for a foul on Janković (Serbia).
  • 39
    Žigić (Serbia) misses the target.
  • Yellow Card
    Kuzmanović (Serbia) is cautioned by the referee.
  • 36
    Gurbanov (Azerbaijan) is penalised for a foul on D. Tošić (Serbia).
  • 35
    Janković (Serbia) is flagged for offside.
  • 32
    Rukavina (Serbia) is penalised for a foul on Chertoganov (Azerbaijan).
  • Yellow Card
    Sultanov (Azerbaijan) is cautioned by the referee.
  • Goal
    Aliyev (Azerbaijan) scores!
    Azerbaijan halve the deficit after taking advantage of a collision between Duško Tošić and Milan Biševac. The loose ball is collected by Samir Aliyev, who races into the box and clinically finishes in the top-right corner.
  • 26
    R. Abbasov (Azerbaijan) misses the target.
  • 25
    Kuzmanović (Serbia) misses the target.
  • 24
    Kuzmanović (Serbia) is penalised for a foul on Gashimov (Azerbaijan).
  • 24
    Kuzmanović (Serbia) is penalised for a foul on R. Abbasov (Azerbaijan).
  • 20
    Chertoganov (Azerbaijan) misses the target.
  • 20
    Subašić (Azerbaijan) takes the corner.
  • 19
    Gurbanov (Azerbaijan) takes the corner.
  • Goal
    Žigić (Serbia) scores!
    Serbia double their advantage as Zdravko Kuzmanović takes the ball down on his chest and provides a cross from the left which Žigić meets at the near post in tuck away from close range.
  • 12
    Subašić (Azerbaijan) is flagged for offside.
  • 9
    Kovačević (Serbia) is penalised for a foul on Chertoganov (Azerbaijan).
  • 7
    Stojković (Serbia) makes a save.
  • 6
    Aliyev (Azerbaijan) is flagged for offside.
  • Goal
    D. Tošić (Serbia) scores!
    Following Portugal's win to move six points clear of Serbia in second in Group A, today's visitors need a win to keep the pressure on their rivals, and they have got the perfect start as Duško Tošić puts them in front after a neat one-two with Nikola Žigić.
  • Start Time
    The match is under way.


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