Match statistics


Goals scored2
Total attempts5
on target5
off target0
against woodwork0
Yellow cards3
Red Cards0
Fouls committed5
Fouls suffered3


Minute By Minute

  • End Time
    The final whistle is blown.
    It is all over at the Feijenoord stadium. Feyenoord have triumphed 3-2 on aggregate and will return to their home ground on 8 May to contest the UEFA Cup final.
  • Goal
    Kallon (Internazionale) scores from the penalty spot.
  • 89
    Emre Belözoğlu (Internazionale) is penalised for a foul on Bosvelt (Feyenoord).
  • 87
    Van Hooijdonk (Feyenoord) has an effort on goal.
  • 84
    (Internazionale) takes the corner.
    Inter earn a corner after Kallon's appeal
  • Goal
    Zanetti (Internazionale) scores!
  • Yellow Card
    Van Hooijdonk (Feyenoord) is shown a yellow card.
    A clumsly challenge on Dalmat earns Van Hooijdonk a booking.
  • 80
    Van Hooijdonk (Feyenoord) is penalised for a foul on Dalmat (Internazionale).
  • Yellow Card
    Di Biagio (Internazionale) is shown a yellow card.
  • Substitution
    Leonardo dos Santos (in) - Kalou (out) (Feyenoord)
  • 71
    Ventola (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
  • 70
    Zanetti (Internazionale) is penalised for a foul on Kalou (Feyenoord).
    Zanetti is adjudged to have taken down Kalou, but nothing comes of the free-kick
  • Substitution
    Kallon (in) - Ronaldo (out) (Internazionale)
    Ronaldo's night is finished and Inter's leading scorer in this year's UEFA Cup Mohamed Kallon replaces him.
  • 64
    Conceição (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
    Sérgio Conceição's volley from a cross from the left is saved by the feet of Edwin Zoetebier and Nicola Ventola cannot capitalise on the loose ball and Feyenoord clear the danger.
  • Yellow Card
    Emerton (Feyenoord) is shown a yellow card.
    Brett Emerton is booked for time wasting at the corner kick.
  • 61
    Conceição (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
    Substitute Sérgio Conceição has a shot on goal blocked in the five metre box.
  • 60
    (Feyenoord) takes the corner.
    Di Biagio puts the ball behind his own goal. Emerton's cross is cleared easily.
  • 59
    Di Biagio (Internazionale) is penalised for a foul on Bosvelt (Feyenoord).
    Di Biagio punished for pushing Bosvelt. Pierre van Hooijdonk puts the free-kick into the Italian wall
  • Substitution
    Conceição (in) - Seedorf (out) (Internazionale)
  • Yellow Card
    Ferraro (Internazionale) is shown a yellow card.
    Salvatore Ferraro becomes the third Inter player to enter the referee's black book in just six minutes. Perhaps they are trying to hard to get back into this tie.
  • 55
    (Feyenoord) takes the corner.
    Leonardo's cross is headed wide by Pierre van Hooijdonk
  • 54
    Leonardo (Feyenoord) has an effort on goal.
    Leonardo snap shot on goal is pushed round his own post by Toldo
  • Yellow Card
    Emre Belözoğlu (Internazionale) is shown a yellow card.
  • 49
    Ronaldo (Internazionale) misses the target.
    The corner comes out to Ronaldo who shoots onto the roof of the net.
  • 49
    (Internazionale) takes the corner.
    Inter force another corner, putting more pressure on Feyenoord.
  • 48
    Seedorf (Internazionale) misses the target.
    Seedorf's early cross comes off the top of the crossbar. An early scare for the home side and some hope for Inter
  • Start Time
    The second half begins.
    Inter are the first team out of the tunnel after the interval. They need to score three goals without reply if they are to advance to the final. Feyenoord get the second half under way.
  • End Time
    The referee blows for half-time.
    Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto brings the first half to an end with Feyenoord in complete control thanks to goals from Pierre van Hooijdonk and Jon Dahl Tomasson.
  • 45
    Bosvelt (Feyenoord) is penalised for a foul on Emre Belözoğlu (Internazionale).
    Bosvelt fouls Emre once more to give Inter another attacking opportunity.
  • 44
    Ronaldo (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
    Inter break and Ronaldo rounds keeper Zoetebier, but his effort is cleared off the line. This just is not Inter's night.
  • 42
    Dalmat (Internazionale) misses the target.
    Stéphane Dalmat tries a long range effort which goes just wide.
  • 40
    Leonardo dos Santos (Feyenoord) is penalised for a foul on Emre Belözoğlu (Internazionale).
  • Substitution
    Leonardo (in) - Van Persie (out) (Feyenoord)
  • Goal
    Tomasson (Feyenoord) scores!
  • 33
    (Internazionale) delivers the corner.
  • 32
    Ronaldo (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
    Ronaldo sees his shot in a crowded box saved by the legs of Zoetebier. The keeper has looked solid so far tonight, although the visitors have created little.
  • 30
    Bosvelt (Feyenoord) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Dalmat (Internazionale).
  • Yellow Card
    Aros (Feyenoord) is shown a yellow card.
    Aros is booked for a tackle from behind on Seedorf. Seedorf, playing in his homeland, takes the free-kick but cannot find a team-mate.
  • 28
    Bosvelt (Feyenoord) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Emre Belözoğlu (Internazionale).
  • Goal
    Van Hooijdonk (Feyenoord) scores!
  • 11
    (Internazionale) delivers the corner.
    Inter corner swung in, but it is too close to the keeper Zoetebier, and he claims with ease.
  • 9
    Ventola (Internazionale) has an effort on goal.
    Nicola Ventola shoots straight at Zoetebier, the ball is cleared for a corner
  • 8
    Ronaldo (Internazionale) misses the target.
    Ronaldo gets past Kees van Wonderen on the edge of the box, but his shot goes past Edwin Zoetebier at the right post
  • 7
    Van Hooijdonk (Feyenoord) has an effort on goal.
    Free-kick given to Feyenoord on the edge of the box. Pierre van Hooijdonk curls in the shot which Francesco Toldo parries before his defence eventually clears.
  • 5
    Ventola (Internazionale) misses the target.
    Ronaldo crosses for Nicola Ventola, but he shoots wide of the target from six metres. That would have been a great start for Inter.
  • Start Time
    The match is under way.


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