Minute By Minute

  • End Time
    The final whistle is blown.
  • Yellow Card
    Balajic (Hajduk Split) is cautioned by the referee.
  • Substitution
    Balajic (in) - Carević (out) (Hajduk Split)
  • Yellow Card
    Blatnjak (Hajduk Split) is cautioned by the referee.
  • Substitution
    Runje (in) - Sunara (out) (Hajduk Split)
    The goalkeepers switch round as Sunara's injury - to his mouth - makes his unable to play on. He is bussed off the pitch to a rapturous reception.
  • Substitution
    Bule (in) - Krpan (out) (Hajduk Split)
  • 79
    Petrić (Grasshoppers) has an effort on goal.
    The best chance of the half falls to Petric, who toes the ball an inch wide if the post after beating the offisde trap. He made contact with Sunara in the process and the goalkeeper receives treatment in his area.
  • Yellow Card
    Magro (Grasshoppers) is cautioned by the referee.
  • 61
    Blatnjak (Hajduk Split) has an effort on goal.
    The converted midfield player sets pulses racing with a clever run to the edge of the box but his shot goes over the top.
  • Substitution
    Magro (in) - Shala (out) (Grasshoppers)
  • Start Time
    The second half begins.
  • End Time
    The referee blows for half-time.
  • Red Card
    Racunica (Hajduk Split) is dismissed.
    The busy midfielder is sent off for his second booking in three minutes, this time for a deliberate handball after he made contact when Shala's cross bounced off his arm.
  • Substitution
    Chatruc (in) - Gane (out) (Grasshoppers)
  • 23
    Pralija (Hajduk Split) has an effort on goal.
    A long ball by Neretljak causes havoc in the Swiss area and a failed clearance falls to the Hajduk captain, whose rising shot powers just over the crossbar.
  • 14
    Krpan (Hajduk Split) has an effort on goal.
    Hajduk are continuing to pressure the visitors and swing the ball back into the danger area, where it breaks for Krpan. The forward hooks his left leg round the ball but his shot inches wide of the post.
  • 13
    Carević (Hajduk Split) has an effort on goal.
    The midfielder hits a dipping free-kick from a tight angle that Borer does brilliantly to punch out from his goal-line. The home players claim the ball has crossed the line but the Dutch official waves for play to go on.
  • 4
    Eduardo (Grasshoppers) has an effort on goal.
    The Swiss side counter-attack swiftly and Eduardo breaks the offside trap and chips the ball over the advancing goalkeeper Sunara. The effort is goalbound but Rukavina clears from under the crossbar and concedes a corner.
  • 2
    Dolonga (Hajduk Split) has an effort on goal.
    An early chance for the home side after a free-kick by Blatnak breaks to Dolonga but the startled midfield player pokes the ball against the outside of the post.
  • 1
    Gane (Grasshoppers) misses the target.
  • Start Time
    The match is under way.


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