Minute By Minute

  • The penalties are over.
  • The penalty shoot-out is set to begin.
  • The referee ends the second period of extra time.
  • Substitution
    108 ET
    Zimling (in) - Kamper (out) (Brøndby)
    Laudrup makes his final change, and will hope the teenager can have an impact.
  • The second period of extra time begins.
  • The referee brings the first period of extra time to an end.
  • Substitution
    91 ET
    Sand (in) - Hanke (out) (Schalke)
    Schalke get the second half under way having brought the experienced Dane on.
  • The first period of extra time begins.
  • End Time
    The final whistle is blown.
  • Yellow Card
    Foldgast (Brøndby) is shown a yellow card.
    The substitute was a little too enthusiastic there.
  • Yellow Card
    Hanke (Schalke) is shown a yellow card.
    The young striker jumped into Wieghorst.
  • Yellow Card
    Nielsen (Brøndby) is shown a yellow card.
    The Brøndby captain is booked for a foul on Rost.
  • Substitution
    Vermant (in) - C. Poulsen (out) (Schalke)
    The Danish midfield player is brought off. Fresh legs are needed with the game heading towards extra time.
  • Substitution
    Asamoah (in) - Sérgio Pinto (out) (Schalke)
    The German international comes on to inject some dynamism into the Schalke attack.
  • Goal
    Jonson (Brøndby) scores!
    Dan Johansen's powerful shot from range comes back off the bar to substitute Foldgast. He in turn squares to Jonson who slots low into the far corner.
  • Yellow Card
    Sérgio Pinto (Schalke) is shown a yellow card.
    The Schalke winger is brought up for a shirt-pull on Kamper.
  • Substitution
    Olesen (in) - Daugaard (out) (Brøndby)
    Laudrup may be looking for a way of containing the resurgent Pinto.
  • Substitution
    Foldgast (in) - Johansen (out) (Brøndby)
    Laudrup responds to the goal by swapping his trikers around.
  • Goal
    Agali (Schalke) scores!
    Schalke level the scores and take back control of the game. Pinto finds space on the right for the third time in succession. He dupes Daugaard before crossing right-footed where Agali dives to head in from point blank range.
  • Yellow Card
    Weighorst (Brøndby) is shown a yellow card.
    The Danish international midfield player is cautioned for dissent.
  • Yellow Card
    Retov (Brøndby) is shown a yellow card.
    A sloppy challenge from the midfield player.
  • Start Time
    The second half begins.
  • End Time
    The referee blows for half-time.
  • Yellow Card
    Matellan (Schalke) is shown a yellow card.
    The Argentinian defender is cautioned for that infringement.
  • Goal
    Jakobsson (Brøndby) scores from the penalty spot.
    The Swedish defender shows no nerves as he strokes the ball into the net after sending Rost the wrong way.
  • Start Time
    The match is under way.


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