Minute By Minute

  • End Time
    The final whistle is blown.
  • Goal
    Jorge Wiston (Standard Liège) scores!
    Conceição involved once again, down the left, putting a cross in that went through Edu's legs and was driven in by Wiston.
  • 90+2
    (Standard Liège) delivers the corner.
    Conceição again, from the right once more. Bochum clear.
  • 90+1
    (Standard Liège) delivers the corner.
    Conceição takes from the right. A Bochum defender heads over his own bar.
  • Substitution
    Jorge Wiston (in) - Geraerts (out) (Standard Liège)
  • Substitution
    Misimović (in) - Wosz (out) (Bochum)
  • 84
    Lokvenc (Bochum) misses the target.
    The big forward's shot trickles harmlessly wide.
  • Substitution
    Edu (in) - Bechmann (out) (Bochum)
  • Yellow Card
    Juan Ramon Curbelo (Standard Liège) is shown a yellow card.
    The Standard no10 goes into the book for his challenge on Colding.
  • Substitution
    Mumlek (in) - Van Dooren (out) (Standard Liège)
  • Substitution
    Niemi (in) - Walasiak (out) (Standard Liège)
  • 74
    (Standard Liège) delivers the corner.
    It comes in from the right and both Léonard and Juan Curbelo connect withtheir heads but the ball goes wide of the goal for a goal-kick.
  • 70
    Bechmann (Bochum) misses the target.
    The no7 sends his effort way over the bar for the home side.
  • 62
    (Bochum) delivers the corner.
    Wosz hits it high and deep from the Bochum right but Runje makes a brilliant catch at full stretch, sending Van Dooren to the ground in the process.
  • 61
    Léonard (Standard Liège) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Bechmann (Bochum).
  • 60
    Juan Ramon Curbelo (Standard Liège) has an effort on goal.
    The Standard no10 strikes the ball with his right foot but it goes over the bar.
  • 55
    (Standard Liège) delivers the corner.
    Again, delivered by Conceição. This time the ball breaks through and falls to Onyewu, whose shot is tipped onto the post by the diving Van Duijnhoven.
  • 54
    (Standard Liège) delivers the corner.
    Conceição takes from the right. It is headed out for another corner.
  • 53
    Preuss (Bochum) misses the target.
    The Bochum no17 curls a shot, right-footed, just wide of Runje's left-hand post.
  • 49
    Onyewu (Standard Liège) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Preuss (Bochum).
    The Bochum player receives treatment after taking a knock on his leg.
  • Start Time
    The second half begins.
  • End Time
    The referee blows for half-time.
  • Goal
    Maltritz (Bochum) scores!
    Wosz takes the free-kick from the right, 20 metres inside the Standard half. The Bochum captain curls it in with his left foot and Maltritz scores with a diving header from close range.
  • 45+2
    Dragutinović (Standard Liège) gives away a free-kick for a challenge on Lokvenc (Bochum).
  • 45+1
    (Standard Liège) takes the corner.
    Bochum clear at the second attempt.
  • 45
    Conceição (Standard Liège) misses the target.
    Cutting in from the left, the winger's effort, from his right foot, takes a deflection.
  • 42
    Léonard (Standard Liège) is penalised for a foul on Bechmann (Bochum).
  • 41
    Conceição (Standard Liège) has an effort on goal.
    The Standard no7 heads over the bar from the corner.
  • 41
    (Standard Liège) takes the corner.
  • 38
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
    Runje makes a clean catch.
  • 35
    Lokvenc (Bochum) has an effort on goal.
    Nice work from Zdebel in the inside left position sets Preuss free on the flank. His cross is met by the head of Lokvenc, but Runje doesn't have to move to save it.
  • 31
    Conceição (Standard Liège) has an effort on goal.
    The Portuguese winger hits a right foot shot, keeping it low, from 20 metres out. It looks straight forward enough for the Bochum goalkeeper, but he spills it and only gathers the ball at the second attempt.
  • 27
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
  • 22
    Preuss (Bochum) has an effort on goal.
    Wosz's corner falls to Preuss who hits a low shot from just inside the Standard area that proves little trouble for Runje.
  • 22
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
  • 19
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
    Zdebel's kick is punched out by Runje.
  • 17
    Walasiak (Standard Liège) has an effort on goal.
    The Standard no15 hits a half-volley with his right foot that whizzes past Van Duijnhoven's far post.
  • 15
    (Standard Liège) takes the corner.
    Conceição swings it in from the left with his right boot, but it flies across the Bochum box and out of play.
  • 12
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
    Van Dooren heads the corner away.
  • 5
    (Bochum) takes the corner.
    Standard clear.
  • Start Time
    The match is under way.


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