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AC Sparta Praha

AC Sparta Praha
Sparta celebrate the most recent of their 35 league titles ©Getty Images

AC Sparta Praha

Formed: 1893
Nickname: Rudí (Reds)

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets):
• none

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets):
• League title: 35 (2010)
• National cup: 13 (2008)

• Founded by the three Rudl brothers and their friends, and named in honour of the Spartans of Greek antiquity, Sparta earned a goalless draw against local rivals SK Slavia Praha in their first official game in 1896. A decade later, their club president Dr Petřík returned from a trip to London with a red Arsenal FC jersey, Sparta subsequently adopting similar colours.

• The "Iron Sparta" side of 1919-23 set new standards, winning all but one of their 59 competitive games in that period to dominate the predecessor to the first official Czechoslovakian league; Sparta also won Central European Cups in 1927 and 1935 to emerge as one of the continent's strongest sides.

• Sparta have always been the most popular Czech side, edging out Slavia, but in the years after 1945 they failed to translate that into much success, even being relegated for the only time in their history in 1975.

• However, from the mid-1980s, a Sparta side featuring the likes of Jozef Chovanec, Tomáš Skuhravý and Ivan Hašek kick-started a massive upturn in the club's fortunes: the 1983/84 title was the first of 19 successes in the course of 26 seasons.

• The 1990s Sparta sides boasted the talents of Pavel Nedvěd, Michal Bílek and Tomáš Rosický, and while the club have never reached the final of a UEFA club competition, they came closest in 1991/92, finishing second behind eventual winners FC Barcelona in the European Champion Clubs' Cup group stage, equivalent to a last-four finish.

Club records
Most appearances: Josef Chovanec (743)
Most goals: Oldřich Nejedlý (183)
Record victory: Sparta 15-1 Kovo Děčín (Czechoslovakian Cup, 1965)
Record defeat: SK Slavia Praha 7-0 Sparta (Czechoslovakian league, 7 December 1941)
Sparta 1-8 SK Slavia Praha (Czechoslovakian league, 15 March 1942)

* Last updated 31 December 2010

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The home team is listed first.Last updated: 14/05/2016 02:00 CET
JihlavaJihlava0-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
CSKA MoskvaCSKA Moskva2-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-1BaníkBaník
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-3CSKA MoskvaCSKA Moskva
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-0ZlínZlín
Mladá BoleslavMladá Boleslav2-4Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-1ThunThun
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-0DuklaDukla
ThunThun3-3Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
JablonecJablonec1-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
AsterasAsteras1-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha4-0SigmaSigma
Kraluv DvurKraluv Dvur1-1
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha1-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-0APOELAPOEL
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha4-0SlováckoSlovácko
PříbramPříbram0-4Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
SchalkeSchalke2-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-0Bohemians 1905Bohemians 1905
PlzeňPlzeň2-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha1-1SchalkeSchalke
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-1TepliceTeplice
PardubicePardubice1-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
LiberecLiberec1-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha1-0AsterasAsteras
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-1BrnoBrno
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-1PardubicePardubice
BaníkBaník0-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
APOELAPOEL1-3Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
ZlínZlín1-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha1-0KrasnodarKrasnodar
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-0Mladá BoleslavMladá Boleslav
KrasnodarKrasnodar0-3Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
LiberecLiberec2-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-1JablonecJablonec
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha1-1LazioLazio
SigmaSigma0-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
LazioLazio0-3Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-1Slavia PrahaSlavia Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-0LiberecLiberec
SlováckoSlovácko2-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
VillarrealVillarreal2-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-1PříbramPříbram
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha2-4VillarrealVillarreal
Bohemians 1905Bohemians 19052-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
DuklaDukla1-2Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha0-3PlzeňPlzeň
JablonecJablonec2-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
TepliceTeplice1-1Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha1-2JablonecJablonec
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha3-0LiberecLiberec
BrnoBrno1-0Sparta PrahaSparta Praha
Sparta PrahaSparta Praha15:30JihlavaJihlava

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    16/09/1964, Sparta Praha 10-0 Anorthosis, Prague
  • Biggest defeat:
    08/12/2004, Lyon 5-0 Sparta Praha, Lyon
    08/12/1999, Barcelona 5-0 Sparta Praha, Barcelona
    09/03/1966, Partizan 5-0 Sparta Praha, Belgrade
  • Appearances in UEFA Champions League:  25
  • Appearances in UEFA Cup Winners' Cup:  6
  • Appearances in UEFA Europa League:  15
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 83
    Jiří Novotný (  CZE)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 14
    Horst Siegl (  CZE)
    Ivan Mráz (  CZE)