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BSC Young Boys

BSC Young Boys
Young Boys celebrate a European goal ©Getty Images

BSC Young Boys

Formed: 1898

UEFA club competition honours (runners-up in brackets)
• none

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
• League title: 11 (1986)
• Swiss Cup: 6 (1987)

• Founded on 14 March 1898 by grammar school pupils Max and Oskar Schwab, Hermann Bauer and Franz Kehrli, the original FC Young Boys' name was a tribute to popular Basel side BSC Old Boys; already wearing their traditional black-and-yellow hoops, the Berne side were titlewinners in 1903, 1909, 1910 and 1911.

• In 1925, the club took up residence in its own Wankdorf stadium and also changed name from FC to BSC – Berner Sportclub. Under that new title, they beat FC Aarau 1-0 to win their first Swiss Cup in 1930. The Wankdorf staged the 1954 FIFA World Cup final, with West Germany's 3-2 comeback win against Hungary immortalised as 'Das Wunder von Bern'.

• German coach Albert Sing joined Young Boys in 1951, and oversaw a period of unprecedented success, with two more cups as well as four successive league titles between 1957 and 1960. The club also shone in continental competition, reaching the 1958/59 European Champion Clubs' Cup semi-finals but losing 3-1 on aggregate to Stade de Reims Champagne.

• Another German, Kurt Linder, ended a barren spell for the club with a Swiss Cup victory in 1977, while Alexander Madziara led them to both of their most recent successes; the 1986 title and the 1987 Swiss Cup.

• In the 1990s Young Boys were twice relegated from the top division, but their wilderness years ended with promotion in 2001, the club returning to Europe in 2003 for the first time since 1994. The new Stade de Suisse Wankdorf opened in 2005, hosting games at UEFA EURO 2008, and the club finished as league runners-up in successive seasons in 2009 and 2010.

Club records
Most appearances: Martin Weber (499)
Most goals: Eugen Meier (249)
Record victory: Young Boys 9-0 FC St Gallen (Swiss league, 1973/74)
Record defeat: Young Boys 0-8 FC Zürich (Swiss league, 1963/64)

* Last updated 31 December 2010

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The home team is listed first.Last updated: 25/05/2016 02:00 CET
ZürichZürich1-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys1-1LuzernLuzern
Young BoysYoung Boys1-3MonacoMonaco
St GallenSt Gallen1-1Young BoysYoung Boys
MonacoMonaco4-0Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys3-1ThunThun
Young BoysYoung Boys0-1LuganoLugano
KriensKriens1-2Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys0-1QarabağQarabağ
SionSion1-3Young BoysYoung Boys
QarabağQarabağ3-0Young BoysYoung Boys
GrasshoppersGrasshoppers3-2Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys4-0VaduzVaduz
ChiassoChiasso0-2Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys4-3BaselBasel
ThunThun0-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys3-1GrasshoppersGrasshoppers
VaduzVaduz1-1Young BoysYoung Boys
BaselBasel1-0Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys1-3ZürichZürich
Young BoysYoung Boys1-1ZürichZürich
LuganoLugano1-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys1-1SionSion
Young BoysYoung Boys2-1St GallenSt Gallen
LuzernLuzern3-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys1-1GrasshoppersGrasshoppers
VaduzVaduz1-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys2-1ThunThun
ZürichZürich0-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys5-2LuzernLuzern
Young BoysYoung Boys3-2SionSion
St GallenSt Gallen2-3Young BoysYoung Boys
BaselBasel2-0Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys7-0LuganoLugano
Young BoysYoung Boys5-4VaduzVaduz
LuzernLuzern2-3Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys3-0ZürichZürich
GrasshoppersGrasshoppers1-2Young BoysYoung Boys
SionSion2-1Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys3-1St GallenSt Gallen
LuganoLugano1-3Young BoysYoung Boys
Young BoysYoung Boys2-3BaselBasel
ThunThun20:30Young BoysYoung Boys

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    31/08/1960, Limerick 0-5 Young Boys, Limerick
  • Biggest defeat:
    03/10/1979, Steaua 6-0 Young Boys, Bucharest
  • Appearances in UEFA Champions League:  7
  • Appearances in UEFA Cup Winners' Cup:  3
  • Appearances in UEFA Europa League:  11
  • Appearances in UEFA Intertoto Cup:  1
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 46
    Marco Wölfli (  SUI)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 7
    Eugen Meier (  SUI)
    Ernst Wechselberger (  GER)
    Raúl Bobadilla (  ARG)