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Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC

Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC
Dror Kashtan leads celebrations after Hapoel clinch a 3-1 aggregate victory over Chelsea in the 2001/02 UEFA Cup second round ©Getty Images

Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC

Formed: 1927
Nickname: Ha'adumim (The Reds)

UEFA club competition honours
• None

Domestic honours (most recent triumph in brackets)
• League title: 12 (2010)
• Israeli Cup: 13 (2010)

• Known as Hapoel Allenby Tel-Aviv FC until a merger with other local sides in 1927, Hapoel Tel-Aviv won four league titles in Palestine and have clinched another seven since the creation of Israel in 1948.

• Hapoel played at various venues in the city before Canadian millionaire Leopold Bloomfield donated money to upgrade the Bassa Stadium as a permanent home to both themselves and local rivals Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC in 1958 – the year after Hapoel's first Israeli title. A further five were accrued over the ensuing 30 years before, a season after their 1988 triumph, financial struggles condemned Hapoel to top-flight relegation for the first time.

• The arrival of a new four-man consortium and Dror Kashtan as coach led to a State Cup victory in 1999 and the domestic double the following year. Hapoel then spread their wings on the European stage, beating Chelsea FC and Parma FC en route to the 2001/02 UEFA Cup quarter-finals, where they lost 2-1 on aggregate to AC Milan.

• The 2004/05 campaign was one of transition, three coaches attempting to follow in Kashtan's footsteps. Shiye Feigenbaum eventually steered them clear of the drop but it was not until Yitzhak Schum came to the helm that the wait for silverware was ended with the 2007 State Cup. A miserable 2007/08 UEFA Cup group stage did little to rekindle the club's expectations but the appointment of Eli Gutman signalled a changing of the tide.

• Hapoel avoided relegation and reached the State Cup final only to be defeated by double winners Beitar Jerusalem FC, then finished the following campaign as Ligat Ha'Al runners-up to seal a place in the inaugural UEFA Europa League. Ended the 2009/10 season as Israeli double winners.

Club records
Most appearances: Yaacov Ekhoiz (454)
Most goals: Shiye Feigenbaum (131)
Record victory: Hapoel Tel-Aviv 8-0 Hapoel Beer-Sheva FC (Liga Leumit, 3 January 1970)
Record defeat: 5-0 twice, most recently at Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC (Liga Leumit, 24 January 1970)

* Last updated on 13 July 2010

Last updated: 13/07/10 13.55CET


The home team is listed first.Last updated: 13/05/2017 02:00 CET
M. HaifaM. Haifa1-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-0H. Beer-ShevaH. Beer-Sheva
M. Petach-TikvaM. Petach-Tikva2-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv3-3H. Kiryat ShmonaH. Kiryat Shmona
M. Tel-AvivM. Tel-Aviv5-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv2-0H. AshkelonH. Ashkelon
H. HaifaH. Haifa0-2H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv1-1H. Kfar-SabaH. Kfar-Saba
AshdodAshdod1-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
Beitar JerusalemBeitar Jerusalem1-1H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Ra'ananaH. Ra'anana0-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
Bnei YehudaBnei Yehuda0-1H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv1-1Bnei SakhninBnei Sakhnin
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-2M. HaifaM. Haifa
H. Beer-ShevaH. Beer-Sheva1-1H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-1M. Petach-TikvaM. Petach-Tikva
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv1-0H. Ramat HaSharonH. Ramat HaSharon
H. Kiryat ShmonaH. Kiryat Shmona2-1H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-1M. Tel-AvivM. Tel-Aviv
H. AshkelonH. Ashkelon0-1H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-2M. Petach-TikvaM. Petach-Tikva
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-0H. HaifaH. Haifa
H. Kfar-SabaH. Kfar-Saba0-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv2-0AshdodAshdod
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv1-2Beitar JerusalemBeitar Jerusalem
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-0H. Ra'ananaH. Ra'anana
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv1-2Bnei YehudaBnei Yehuda
Bnei SakhninBnei Sakhnin0-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Kiryat ShmonaH. Kiryat Shmona2-3H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv2-0Bnei YehudaBnei Yehuda
H. HaifaH. Haifa3-3H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv17:00Bnei YehudaBnei Yehuda
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv2-0H. Kfar-SabaH. Kfar-Saba
AshdodAshdod2-0H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv
H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv0-0H. AshkelonH. Ashkelon
H. Ra'ananaH. Ra'anana19:30H. Tel-AvivH. Tel-Aviv

Club record in UEFA competitions

  • Biggest win:
    13/07/2010, H. Tel-Aviv 5-0 Željezničar, Tel Aviv
  • Biggest defeat:
    08/11/2012, Plzeň 4-0 H. Tel-Aviv, Plzen
    22/02/2007, Rangers 4-0 H. Tel-Aviv, Glasgow
  • Appearances in UEFA Champions League:  2
  • Appearances in UEFA Europa League:  14
  • Appearances in UEFA Intertoto Cup:  1
  • Player with most UEFA appearances: 60
    Walid Badier (  ISR)
  • Top scorers in UEFA club competitions: 10
    Omer Damari (  ISR)