15/08/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)Port TalbotPort Talbot
22/08/2009Connah's QuayConnah's Quay3-1 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
28/08/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)Bangor CityBangor City
05/09/2009NewtownNewtown4-2 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
11/09/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-0 (W)PorthmadogPorthmadog
18/09/2009Bala TownBala Town1-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
26/09/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)Neath AthleticNeath Athletic
09/10/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-1 (D)CaerswsCaersws
17/10/2009LlanelliLlanelli4-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
23/10/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-1 (D)RhylRhyl
06/11/2009TNSTNS4-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
21/11/2009AberystwythAberystwyth4-1 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
27/11/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)WelshpoolWelshpool
04/12/2009PrestatynPrestatyn2-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
12/12/2009Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)CarmarthenCarmarthen
26/12/2009Airbus UK FCAirbus UK FC1-1 (D)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
15/01/2010Bangor CityBangor City3-1 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
22/01/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-2 (L)NewtownNewtown
30/01/2010Neath AthleticNeath Athletic1-1 (D)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
06/02/2010PorthmadogPorthmadog1-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
12/02/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-2 (L)Bala TownBala Town
16/02/2010Port TalbotPort Talbot7-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
27/02/2010CaerswsCaersws1-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
06/03/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids2-5 (L)LlanelliLlanelli
10/03/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-1 (D)Airbus UK FCAirbus UK FC
13/03/2010RhylRhyl6-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
19/03/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-0 (D)TNSTNS
27/03/2010HaverfordwestHaverfordwest1-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
03/04/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-3 (L)AberystwythAberystwyth
05/04/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids1-2 (L)HaverfordwestHaverfordwest
09/04/2010WelshpoolWelshpool2-1 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
13/04/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-1 (L)Connah's QuayConnah's Quay
16/04/2010Cefn DruidsCefn Druids0-5 (L)PrestatynPrestatyn
24/04/2010CarmarthenCarmarthen4-0 (L)Cefn DruidsCefn Druids
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