Play-off round draw

Nyon - - your local time

The play-off draw involves 44 teams.

13:00CET, 4 August, Nyon

Trophy (UEFA Europa League play-off draw)
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Draw procedure

• All the clubs are seeded according to their coefficient and are split into groups.

• All the clubs within each group are ordered randomly and identified by a number.

• For each group of clubs, two bowls will be prepared, one containing balls with slips of paper numbered for the seeded teams and the other containing balls with slips of paper for the unseeded teams.

• A ball will be taken from each bowl and placed into an empty third bowl in the middle, where they will be shuffled. One of the two balls is drawn at random, then opened to display the number it contains, denoting the side playing at home in the first leg. The second ball is drawn to complete the pairing. This procedure then applies throughout.

• The same procedure is carried out with the remaining balls to complete all the pairings.

• The ties are played on 17 and 24 August. The 22 winners go into the group stage draw in Monaco on 25 August, along with 16 automatic entrants and the ten teams defeated in the UEFA Champions League play-offs.