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2012/13 qualifying round

The 52 entrants were split into two seedings pots.

2012/13 qualifying round

The 52 entrants were split into two seedings pots.

Group 1 (25-30 September): Belarus, Serbia*, Moldova, Armenia

Group 2 (3-8 October): Finland*, Germany, Andorra, San Marino

Group 3 (23-28 October): Belgium*, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia

Group 4 (19-24 October): Spain, Poland, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria*

Group 5 (24-29 September): Greece, France, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina*

Group 6 (10-15 October): Austria*, Switzerland, Cyprus, Faroe Islands

Group 7 (21-26 October): England, Northern Ireland, Estonia*, Wales

Group 8 (18-23 October): Italy, Hungary*, Albania, Liechtenstein

Group 9 (29 September-4 October): Norway, Portugal, Malta*, Iceland

Group 10 (29 September-4 October): Republic of Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*

Group 11 (25-30 September): Denmark, Czech Republic*, Montenegro, Russia

Group 12 (14-19 October): Turkey, Croatia*, Kazakhstan, Israel

Group 13 (30 October-4 November): Scotland, Georgia*, Luxembourg, Ukraine


08.30CET, 29 November, Nyon
Seven teams will join hosts Slovakia in the final tournament but before that the 52 entrants compete next autumn for 28 elite round places. In the draw conducted by Jim Boyce, chairman of the UEFA Youth and Amateur Football Committee, and 2011 winning Netherlands captain Daan Disveld, two pots of 26 teams each have been formed according to their coefficient.

In all 13 groups will be formed, each containing two teams from each of the seeding pots, with the mini-tournament hosts appointed after the draw. The top two in each group along with the two third-placed teams with the best record against the leading pair will progress to the elite round in March 2013.

Draw procedure

Pot A: England, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Georgia, Finland, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Poland, Belarus, Scotland

Pot B: Ukraine, Russia, Luxembourg, Wales, Sweden, Israel, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Faroe Islands, Armenia, Andorra, Albania, Moldova, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, San Marino, Liechtenstein



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