Qualifying round

Group 1(Host country: Moldova)

1Russia Russia33008179
2Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina32015236
3Latvia Latvia310224-23
4Moldova Moldova300308-80

Group 2(Host country: Andorra)

1Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland33009279
2Greece Greece32014136
3Kazakhstan Kazakhstan310234-13
4Andorra Andorra3003110-90

Group 3(Host country: Luxembourg)

1Faroe Islands Faroe Islands11002023
2Switzerland Switzerland11002113
3Luxembourg Luxembourg100112-10
4Czech Republic Czech Republic100102-20

Group 4(Host country: Italy)

0Albania Albania00000000
0FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia00000000
0Italy Italy00000000
0Serbia Serbia00000000

Group 5(Host country: Slovenia)

1Slovenia Slovenia11004133
2France France11002113
3Montenegro Montenegro100112-10
4Estonia Estonia100114-30

Group 6(Host country: Romania)

0Austria Austria00000000
0Azerbaijan Azerbaijan00000000
0England England00000000
0Romania Romania00000000

Group 7(Host country: Hungary)

1Netherlands Netherlands3300150159
2Hungary Hungary32016516
3Denmark Denmark310212573
4Liechtenstein Liechtenstein3003023-230

Group 8(Host country: Finland)

1Sweden Sweden3300121119
2Finland Finland320135-26
3Bulgaria Bulgaria310224-23
4Georgia Georgia300307-70

Group 9(Host country: Northern Ireland)

1Spain Spain3300130139
2Slovakia Slovakia320189-16
3Northern Ireland Northern Ireland310259-43
4San Marino San Marino300319-80

Group 10(Host country: Portugal)

1Scotland Scotland33008089
2Portugal Portugal32017166
3Wales Wales31023303
4Malta Malta3003014-140

Group 11(Host country: Cyprus)

0Belarus Belarus00000000
0Belgium Belgium00000000
0Cyprus Cyprus00000000
0Gibraltar Gibraltar00000000

Group 12(Host country: Israel)

0Armenia Armenia00000000
0Iceland Iceland00000000
0Israel Israel00000000
0Poland Poland00000000

Group 13(Host country: Lithuania)

1Turkey Turkey33004049
2Norway Norway311145-14
3Ukraine Ukraine302134-12
4Lithuania Lithuania301224-21


P: Played   
W: Won   
D: Drawn   
L: Lost   
F: For   
A: Against   
+/-: Goal difference   
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Qualifying round

Road to the final

The UEFA European Under-17 Championship consists of three distinct stages: the qualifying round, the elite round and the final tournament. The format changed for 2014/15 with the expansion of the final tournament from eight to 16 teams.

Qualifying round
The qualifying round, played in autumn, is made up of 13 groups of four countries playing in one-venue mini-tournaments. The top two from each pool progress alongside the five third-placed sides with the best record against the leading pair in their groups.

Elite round
In the elite round, held in early spring, those 31 qualifiers plus the top seed – given a bye this far – compete in eight mini-tournament groups of four. The group winners and seven runners-up with the best record against the teams first and third in their section advance to the finals to join the hosts.

Final tournament
In the final tournament the contenders are split into four groups of four, with the front two from each proceeding to the knockout phase.

Further details, including the criteria for separating sides that finish level on points in a group, or after 80 minutes in a match, can be found in the official competition regulations.