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Ashley Bares

Ashley Bares

Previous clubs: Chicago Reds.

Domestic honours: Icelandic Women's Premier Division (1), Icelandic Cup (1).

Which player most inspired you and why? Messi. He's just a brilliant striker that knows how to find the goal. Fun to watch and you can just see how much he loves the game.

Which coach most inspired you? My college coaches at Marquette University, Markus and Franky. They helped push me to reach my goals and continue playing after college. They always believed in me. They taught me how to be strong and to always work hard in whatever I do, on or off the pitch. They helped me become the player I am today.

What was the best advice they gave you? They developed my work ethic. They taught me to never give up if I want something bad enough, and to work hard and go after it. You will face adversity and problems along the way, but it's how you overcome them that is important. They also taught me to appreciate everything – every opportunity and chance to play is truly a privilege.

Best player you've played with? My sister, she is one year older. She was my idol growing up and still is, I always learn from her and she still pushes me to reach my goals. She got me playing soccer with her when I was 4 and we continued to play together in college at Marquette University.

Toughest opponent? In college when we played Florida State in the third round of the 2010 NCAA Championship. It was the second time in program history that we (Marquette Golden Eagles) had advanced to the Sweet 16.

What are your memories of your first club as a child? My first club memories were playing a year higher so I could play with my sister. We were a very good team and won the Wisconsin State Cup. It made me tougher and work harder playing with older kids right away.

What tip would you give a young player hoping to succeed? My advice first off would be to enjoy the game, never ever forget that. Sometimes you get so distracted by the goals and things you want to accomplish that you forget how lucky you are to step on the pitch each time. Then I'd say work your butt off. I know there will be players I face that could be better then me but I know that if I work harder than them, I will be tough to beat. Also, I know that I am still learning and adding to my game – never ever become satisfied. There is always room to grow as a player, and as a teammate. Lastly, believe in yourself and be confident. Have fun.

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