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Ástrós Anna Klemensdóttir

Ástrós Anna Klemensdóttir

Previous clubs: None.

Honours won: None.

Which player most inspired you and why? Messi because he shows great character and has done so much just to play soccer.

Which coach most inspired you? Thorlákur Már Árnason.

What was the best advice they gave you? That I have the football skills I need, I just need to make something out of them.

Best player you've played with? Harpa Thorsteinsdóttir and Gunnhildur Yrsa Jónsdóttir.

What are your memories of your first club as a child? 'Pæjumót' in Siglufjörtur and my parents and grandpa/grandma always supporting me.  [Pæjumót is a weekend tournament for young girls, held in the north of the country]

What tip would you give a young player hoping to succeed? Always keep on going.

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