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Sandra Sigurdardóttir

Sandra Sigurdardóttir

National team: Iceland

Which player most inspired you and why? Edda Gardarsdóttir. She's honest, plays with her heart and she's hardworking. She has also done a lot for me as a player.

Which coach most inspired you? Jónas Leifur Sigursteinsson told me to go to Stjarnan when I was younger, he believed in me. Andres Ellert Olafsson my goalkeeper coach has done so many things for me as a player and a person, he is one of the best coaches I've had.

Best player you've played with?  Gunnhildur Yrsa at Stjarnan and Annica Sjölund at Jitex BK.

Toughest opponent? Myself.

What are your memories of your first club as a child? Going to a tournament when I was around eight years old. I was playing with the boys and the goalkeeper was sick so someone asked me if I could be in goal. I did so well that I started to be a goalkeeper after that.

What tip would you give a young player hoping to succeed? Enjoy what you are doing, train hard and with passion but also give yourself a time to relax and take care of your body and soul.

Last updated: 04/09/14 15.20CET