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Fabiana Costi

Fabiana Costi

Which player most inspired you and why? Roberto Baggio, because he is divine. As well as being a champion on the pitch, he was an example, a teacher, a lifestyle guru too.

What was the best advice a coach gave you? To free my mind and believe in my potential.

Best player you've played with? Federica D'Astolfo

Most difficult opponent? Marta

What are your memories of your first club as a child? So many memories. My first team was male and I was the only girl; opponents snubbed me at first then chased me.

What tip would you give a young player hoping to succeed? Youth is the time of building, so you have to train right the first time because the future will depend on it. We must not trust what comes without sacrifice. It takes effort and hard work to build a bridge between dreams and reality. But always have fun!

What was the experience like of playing in a youth final tournament? They are unique and important experiences both technically and tactically.

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