All times CET
4 April 2013
Referee: Morag Pirie (SCO) – Stadium: Waldstadion, Viernheim (GER)
04/05/2013 08:15:11
Czech Republic2-0Greece
Referee: Lilach Asulin (ISR) – Stadium: Waldstadion, Viernheim (GER)
04/05/2013 08:14:56
Referee: Lina Lehtovaara (FIN) – Stadium: UKI Arena, Jessheim (NOR)
04/05/2013 08:15:42
Referee: Eszter Urban (HUN) – Stadium: US Center, La Louviere (BEL)
04/05/2013 20:42:26
Republic of Ireland1-0Italy
Referee: Sandra Bastos (POR) – Stadium: Sportpark Tanthof-Zuid, Delft (NED)
04/05/2013 07:47:11
Referee: Monika Mularczyk (POL) – Stadium: Dr. Américo Couto, Mealhada (POR)
04/04/2013 18:13:07
Northern Ireland1-1Iceland
Referee: Olga Zadinová (CZE) – Stadium: Municipal Sergio Conceicao, Coimbra (POR)
04/05/2013 08:15:11
Referee: Séverine Zinck (FRA) – Stadium: UKI Arena, Jessheim (NOR)
04/05/2013 08:15:42
Referee: Eleni Lampadariou (GRE) – Stadium: Sportpark Juliana, 's-Gravenzande (NED)
04/05/2013 07:47:11
Referee: Rhona Daly (IRL) – Stadium: Le Tivoli, La Louviere (BEL)
04/04/2013 19:58:57
Referee: Knarik Grigoryan (ARM) – Stadium: Almondvale Park, Livingston (SCO)
04/05/2013 07:47:25
Referee: Leen Martens (BEL) – Stadium: Falkirk Stadium, Falkirk (SCO)
04/04/2013 20:59:23

Last updated: 26/09/2013 11:37 CET

Road to the final

The UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship consists of three distinct stages: two qualifying rounds and the finals.

Qualifying round
The qualifying round, played in September, is made up of 11 groups of four teams playing in one-venue mini-tournaments. The 11 group winners and ten best runners-up progress to join three top seeds: Germany, England and Spain.

Elite round
In the elite round, played in April, those 24 teams go into six mini-tournament groups of four. The group winners and the runners-up with the best record against the sides first and third in their pool join the hosts at the finals.

Final tournament
At the final tournament the contenders are split into two groups of four, the top two progressing to the semi-finals, with the showpiece to follow.

Further details, including the criteria for separating teams that finish level on points in a group, or after extra time in a match, can be found in the official competition regulations.