Qualifying round

Group 2

1Spain Spain105004109104224028
2Italy Italy104104018114854325
3Czech Republic Czech Republic102122124242118314
4Romania Romania101132123251811711
5Estonia Estonia10014203217833-257
6FYR Macedonia FYR Macedonia10005014019674-681


P: Played   
W: Won   
D: Draw   
L: Lost   
F: For   
A: Against   
+/-: Goal difference   
Pts: Points   
Last updated: 19/06/2015 14:15 CET


20 September 2013
FYR Macedonia1-9Romania
Referee: Sharon Sluyts (BEL) Stadium: Mladost, Strumica (MKD)
07/13/2015 21:52:06
Referee: Séverine Zinck (FRA) Stadium: A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn (EST)
07/23/2015 06:33:53
26 September 2013
Referee: Monika Mularczyk (POL) Stadium: R. Mercante, Bassano del Grappa (ITA)
07/13/2015 21:51:19
26 October 2013
FYR Macedonia1-3Czech Republic
Referee: Knarik Grigoryan (ARM) Stadium: Mladost, Strumica (MKD)
07/13/2015 21:53:25
27 October 2013
Referee: Sofia Karagiorgi (CYP) Stadium: Ciudad Deportiva Collado Villalba, Madrid (ESP)
07/13/2015 21:50:59
30 October 2013
FYR Macedonia0-2Estonia
Referee: Petra Chudá (SVK) Stadium: Mladost, Strumica (MKD)
07/13/2015 21:53:36
Romania0-0Czech Republic
Referee: Jenny Palmqvist (SWE) Stadium: Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca (ROU)
07/13/2015 21:50:59
31 October 2013
Referee: Kateryna Monzul (UKR) Stadium: Complejo Deportivo Municipal Campo de Fútbol Matap, Madrid (ESP)
07/13/2015 21:51:56
23 November 2013
Referee: Katalin Kulcsár (HUN) Stadium: El Deleite, Madrid (ESP)
07/13/2015 21:54:05
27 November 2013
Spain3-2Czech Republic
Referee: Paula Brady (IRL) Stadium: Fernando Torres, Fuenlabrada (ESP)
07/13/2015 21:51:47
13 February 2014
Italy6-1Czech Republic
Referee: Bibiana Steinhaus (GER) Stadium: Silvio Piola, Novara (ITA)
07/13/2015 21:53:00
Spain12-0FYR Macedonia
Referee: Eszter Urban (HUN) Stadium: Estadio Municipal Las Gaunas, Logrono (ESP)
07/13/2015 21:52:19
5 April 2014
Referee: Esther Staubli (SUI) Stadium: Romeo Menti, Vicenza (ITA)
07/13/2015 21:51:05
10 April 2014
10 April 2014 10 Apr - Women's World Cup, Qualifying round (Group 2)
FYR Macedonia0-10Spain
Referee: Kateryna Zora (UKR) Stadium: FFM Training Centre, Skopje (MKD)
11/02/2015 14:53:45
Referee: Morag Pirie (SCO) Stadium: Cluj Arena, Cluj-Napoca (ROU)
07/13/2015 21:53:47
26 April 2014
Czech Republic6-0Estonia
Referee: Eleni Lampadariou (GRE) Stadium: Mestský fotbalovy, Opava (CZE)
07/13/2015 21:51:17
7 May 2014
Czech Republic0-0Romania
Referee: Riem Hussein (GER) Stadium: City Stadium, Uherske Hradiste (CZE)
07/13/2015 21:53:46
8 May 2014
FYR Macedonia0-11Italy
Referee: Linn Andersson (SWE) Stadium: FFM Training Centre, Skopje (MKD)
11/02/2015 14:53:45
Referee: Amy Rayner (ENG) Stadium: A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn (EST)
07/23/2015 06:33:53
14 June 2014
Czech Republic0-4Italy
Referee: Efthalia Mitsi (GRE) Stadium: FK Viktoria Žižkov, Prague (CZE)
07/13/2015 21:52:35
15 June 2014
Estonia1-1FYR Macedonia
Referee: Paula Brady (IRL) Stadium: Haapsalu, Haapsalu (EST)
07/13/2015 21:53:25
18 June 2014
Czech Republic5-2FYR Macedonia
Referee: Anastasia Pustovoitova (RUS) Stadium: FK Viktoria Žižkov, Prague (CZE)
07/13/2015 21:53:27
19 June 2014
Referee: Leen Martens (BEL) Stadium: Haapsalu, Haapsalu (EST)
07/13/2015 21:51:59
20 August 2014
Estonia1-4Czech Republic
Referee: Yuliya Medvedeva-Keldyusheva (KAZ) Stadium: A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn (EST)
07/23/2015 06:33:53
21 August 2014
Romania6-1FYR Macedonia
Referee: Lina Lehtovaara (FIN) Stadium: Mogosoaia, Bucharest (ROU)
08/13/2015 09:28:46
13 September 2014
Referee: Linn Andersson (SWE) Stadium: Emil Alexandrescu, Iasi (ROU)
07/13/2015 21:54:06
Referee: Katalin Kulcsár (HUN) Stadium: Stadio Silvio Piola, Vercelli (ITA)
08/05/2015 09:50:55
17 September 2014
Italy15-0FYR Macedonia
Referee: Sandra Bastos (POR) Stadium: Stadio Silvio Piola, Vercelli (ITA)
08/05/2015 09:50:55
Czech Republic0-1Spain
Referee: Stéphanie Frappart (FRA) Stadium: Spartak Pisek, Pisek (CZE)
07/13/2015 21:53:16
Romania0-3 (f)Estonia
Referee: Aneliya Sinabova (BUL) Stadium: Emil Alexandrescu, Iasi (ROU)
07/13/2015 21:53:16
Last updated: 19/06/2015 14:15 CET




Group stage

Knockout phase


Road to the final

European qualifying for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup comprises two group stages and a play-off round.

Preliminary round
The eight lower-ranked nations are drawn into two four-team mini-tournaments played from 4 to 9 April 2013. Each mini-tournament is staged by one of the countries and each team plays one another once with the group winners and runners-up progressing.

Group stage
Those four teams join the remaining 38 entrants in seven groups of six nations drawn on 16 April 2013 and played from 20/21 September 2013 to 17 September 2014 on a home-and-away basis. The seven group winners qualify for the finals. The four runners-up with the best record against the sides first, third, fourth and fifth in their groups go into the play-offs for the remaining UEFA berth in Canada.

The two contenders with the best coefficient will be drawn against the other two teams in the first round, played over two legs on 25/26 and 29/30 October 2014. The two winners then meet on 22/23 and 26/27 November 2014 to decide the final qualifiers.

Twenty-four teams, including the eight European qualifiers, will compete in Canada in the summer of 2015.

Further details, including the criteria for separating teams that finish level on points in a group, or after extra time in a match, can be found in the official competition regulations.