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UEFA EURO 2024 group stage: past meetings, head-to-head records

Check out the head-to-head records of all the group stage opponents following the UEFA EURO 2024 final tournament draw.

Spain and Italy are meeting for a fifth EURO in succession
Spain and Italy are meeting for a fifth EURO in succession Getty Images

How have the UEFA EURO 2024 group stage contenders fared in previous games against each other? We take a look at all their past meetings.

EURO draw recap

Group A

EURO 2024: The host cities

vs Hungary W13 D12 L12 F76 A68 (Last meeting: L0-1, 23/9/2022, UNL)
vs Scotland W8 D5 L4 F26 A23 (W3-2, 7/9/2015, EQ)
vs Switzerland W36 D8 L9 F142 A69 (D3-3, 13/10/2020, UNL)

vs Germany W12 D12 L13 F68 A76 (W1-0, 23/9/2022, UNL)
vs Scotland W4 D2 L3 F20 A16 (L0-1, 27/3/2018, Friendly)
vs Switzerland W30 D5 L11 F151 A71 (L2-5, 7/10/2017, EQ)

vs Germany W4 D5 L8 F23 A26 (L2-3, 7/9/2015, EQ)
vs Hungary W3 D2 L4 F16 A20 (W1-0, 27/3/2018, Friendly)
vs Switzerland W8 D3 L5 F26 A24 (W3-1, 1/3/2006, Friendly)

vs Germany W9 D8 L36 F69 A142 (D3-3, 13/10/2020, UNL)
vs Hungary W11 D5 L30 F71 A151 (W5-2, 7/10/2017, EQ)
vs Scotland W5 D3 L8 F24 A26 (W3-1, 1/3/2006, Friendly)

Group B

Top ten goals of EURO 2024 qualifying

vs Albania W8 D0 L0 F34 A3 (W2-1, 26/3/2022, Friendly)
vs Croatia W5 D2 L3 F20 A12 (D0-0, 18/6/2023, UNL)
vs Italy W13 D16 L11 F45 A46 (W2-1, 15/6/2023, UNL)

vs Albania N/A
vs Italy W3 D5 L1 F10 A10 (D1-1, 12/6/2015, EQ)
vs Spain W3 D2 L5 F12 A20 (D0-0, 18/6/2023, UNL)

vs Albania W4 D0 L0 F7 A1 (W3-1, 16/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Croatia W1 D5 L3 F10 A10 (D1-1, 12/6/2015, EQ)
vs Spain W11 D16 L13 F46 A45 (L1-2, 15/6/2023, UNL)

vs Croatia N/A
vs Italy W0 D0 L4 F1 A7 (L1-3, 16/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Spain W0 D0 L8 F3 A34 (L1-2, 26/3/2022, Friendly)

Group C

EURO through the years

vs Denmark W0 D1 L5 F3 A14 (L1-2, 17/11/2023, EQ)
vs England W0 D1 L5 F4 A10 (L0-1, 5/10/2017, WCQ)
vs Serbia W1 D6 L1 F11 A13 (D2-2, 22/6/2022, UNL)

vs England W4 D5 L13 F24 A41 (L1-2, 7/7/2021, EURO 2020)
vs Serbia W5 D0 L5 F19 A17 (W3-0, 29/3/2022, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W5 D1 L0 F14 A3 (W2-1, 17/11/2023, EQ)

vs Denmark W5 D0 L5 F17 A19 (L0-3, 29/3/2022, Friendly)
vs England W4 D5 L6 F21 A25 (L1-2, 3/6/2003, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W1 D6 L1 F13 A11 (D2-2, 22/6/2022, UNL)

vs Denmark W13 D5 L4 F41 A24 (W2-1, 7/7/2021, EURO 2020)
vs Serbia W6 D5 L4 F25 A21 (W2-1, 3/6/2003, Friendly)
vs Slovenia W5 D1 L0 F10 A4 (W1-0, 5/10/2017, WCQ)

Group D

EURO 2020 memories

Play-off winner A
Semi-finals: Poland vs Estonia, Wales vs Finland (21 March)
Final: Wales/Finland vs Poland/Estonia (26 March)

vs Austria W10 D4 L6 F38 A24 (W2-0, 17/6/2021, EURO 2020)
vs France W11 D4 L15 F57 A54 (L1-2, 13/10/2023, EQ)

vs Estonia W5 D1 L0 F23 A4
vs Finland W11 D2 L1 F43 A14
vs Poland W9 D7 L3 F28 A19
vs Wales W10 D0 L0 F29 A8

vs France W9 D3 L13 F41 A38 (L0-2, 22/9/2022, UNL)
vs Netherlands W6 D4 L10 F24 A38 (L0-2, 17/6/2021, EURO 2020)

vs Estonia W4 D0 L0 F9 A1
vs Finland W8 D2 L1 F24 A11
vs Poland W3 D2 L5 F17 A19
vs Wales W5 D2 L4 F14 A11

vs Austria W13 D3 L9 F38 A41 (W2-0, 22/9/2022, UNL)
vs Netherlands W15 D4 L11 F54 A57 (W2-1, 13/10/2023, EQ)

vs Estonia W1 D0 L0 F4 A0
vs Finland W10 D0 L1 F22 A5
vs Poland W9 D5 L3 F30 A17
vs Wales W4 D1 L1 F14 A4

Group E

All-time leading EURO scorers

vs Romania W5 D2 L4 F16 A14 (W2-1, 11/11/2011, Friendly)
vs Slovakia W3 D4 L5 F15 A23 (W2-1, 6/2/2013, Friendly)

vs Bosnia and Herzegovina W4 D1 L3 F19 A13
vs Iceland W13 D0 L0 F44 A8
vs Israel W6 D0 L1 F15 A4
vs Ukraine N/A

vs Belgium W5 D4 L3 F23 A15 (L1-2, 6/2/2013, Friendly)
vs Romania W18 D12 L10 F78 A52 (D1-1, 14/8/2013, Friendly)

vs Bosnia and Herzegovina W3 D0 L3 F8 A7
vs Iceland W9 D2 L1 F27 A12
vs Israel W3 D2 L1 F10 A7
vs Ukraine W2 D3 L3 F10 A9

vs Belgium W4 D2 L5 F14 A16 (L1-2, 11/11/2011, Friendly)
vs Slovakia W10 D12 L18 F52 A78 (D1-1, 14/8/2013, Friendly)

vs Bosnia and Herzegovina W4 D0 L2 F13 A4
vs Iceland W3 D1 L1 F11 A2
vs Israel W12 D7 L5 F36 A24
vs Ukraine W3 D0 L3 F14 A10

Play-off winner B
Semi-finals: Israel vs Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Ukraine (21 March)
Final: Bosnia-Herzegovina/Ukraine vs Israel/Iceland (26 March)

Group F

Classic Türkiye EURO goals

vs Czechia W6 D3 L12 F23 A45 (W2-1, 19/11/2022, Friendly)
vs Portugal W2 D0 L7 F9 A19 (L1-3, 24/3/2022, WCQ)

vs Georgia W3 D1 L1 F12 A5
vs Greece W8 D2 L1 F20 A7
vs Kazakhstan W6 D0 L0 F19 A2
vs Luxembourg W7 D1 L1 F18 A9

Play-off winner C
Semi-finals: Georgia vs Luxembourg, Greece vs Kazakhstan (21 March)
Final: Georgia/Luxembourg vs Greece/Kazakhstan (26 March)

vs Czechia W7 D3 L4 F17 A13 (W4-0, 24/9/2022, UNL)
vs Türkiye W7 D0 L2 F19 A9 (W3-1, 24/3/2022, WCQ)

vs Georgia W1 D0 L0 F2 A0
vs Greece W4 D5 L5 F16 A18
vs Kazakhstan W3 D0 L0 F6 A1
vs Luxembourg W19 D1 L1 F74 A8


vs Portugal W4 D3 L7 F13 A17 (L0-4, 24/9/2022, UNL)
vs Türkiye W12 D3 L6 F45 A23 (L1-2, 19/11/2022, Friendly)

vs Georgia N/A
vs Greece W6 D2 L2 F13 A5
vs Kazakhstan W2 D0 L0 F6 A3
vs Luxembourg W7 D0 L1 F23 A1

All Soviet Union matches are awarded to Russia; all West Germany – but not East Germany – matches are awarded to Germany; all Yugoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro matches are awarded to Serbia; all Czechoslovakia matches are allocated to both Czechia and Slovakia.