Free salmon, a shock win: Faroe Islands reaction

It started with free salmon for fans and ended with the Faroe Islands having beaten Greece again. We round up the reaction from a game Brandur Olsen found "difficult to grasp".

Recall famous Faroes EURO Qualifiers success

The Faroe Islands' November win in Greece had ramped up interest in Saturday's home return to the extent that the 4,000+ tickets for the revamped Tórsvøllur Stadium sold out at the unprecedented speed of just a few days

The Faroe Islands Football Association (FSF) looked to make it a special occasion and offered free salmon for the spectators ahead of the match. An already excited home crowd became electrified when Jóan Símun Edmundsson came close from distance within seconds. And when Hallur Hansson and 19-year-old Brandur Olsen scored for a 2-1 Group F win, lifting the Faroes above Finland to fourth, the new stadium roof almost was raised off.

Interest in the national team is at an all-time high and the players will be honored at the city square in Torshavn on Sunday. Tickets for the 4 September visit of Northern Ireland, on sale for a matter of hours, are going fast. rounds up the reaction.

Lars Olsen, coach
At the press conference a fortnight ago I promised people a feast. I think they got that. Fantastic support from a full house. I think we gave them the feast they had come to watch. That's just great. The players are happy, the spectators are happy. I am happy. Everybody is happy! The supporters shall have a big thank you for the support they gave the players.

We show more and more that we can compete against the a bit bigger and better football nations. And that is a step forward. I think we are on the right track.

Brandur Olsen, goalscorer
Absolutely unbelievable. Surreal. Tórsvøllur with 4,700 spectators and we win 2-1. It's difficult to grasp. We play very good football at times. We defend extremely well. Everything blends together into a perfect harmony.

[The key to success is] extremely hard work, the will to run and 100% effort from everyone. Then everything comes from there. This means everything; both to us and the youth. This gives belief that everything is possible. This is very enjoyable.

Jóannes Jakobsen, assistant coach and captain of the team that beat Austria in 1990
We have a very good squad of players; players that want to play football and have the courage to play football. That’s the difference between this campaign [and other periods]. We work extremely hard and dare to play football, and want to play football and dare to be on the pitch. That has sometimes been a problem for the Faroese. They haven't had enough belief in their own power. But I think we are in the process of something that can become great. Or actually, it is great!

Watch: November's win in Greece
Watch: November's win in Greece

Fródi Benjaminsen, captain and appearing a record 84th time
We had very much looked forward to this match. The preparations regarding the spectators and a full house and then to get a victory at home is the crowning achievement. So I am extremely happy.

[The cap record] as such it doesn't mean so much, but it meant a lot more that we got a victory. That means extremely much to me. That we have won two matches in this group. And the way we play now is extremely important to me [as he retires at the end of the year].