UEFA EURO 2020 play-offs as they stand

The play-offs will determine the final four places at UEFA EURO 2020; here's how they look right now.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will definitely compete in March’s play-offs
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The 16 UEFA Nations League group winners are all guaranteed at least a UEFA EURO 2020 play-off place, with each League destined to form its own play-off path. However, the exact composition will depend on how the teams perform during the ongoing European Qualifiers.

This article will be updated after each European Qualifiers matchnight; it was last updated at 23:00 CET on Saturday 16 November. Play-offs are subject to final confirmation from UEFA.

Current standings

On the basis of the current European Qualifiers standings, the following teams would be involved in the play-offs (teams in bold confirmed):

Path A: Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*, Wales/Slovakia/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland**
Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales/Slovakia/Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland**
Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

*In the current scenario, a draw would decide which of Bulgaria, Israel or Romania would fill the empty slot in Path C, and which two would go into Path A.

**In the current scenario, a draw would decide which three of Wales, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland would join Bosnia and Herzegovina in Path B, and which one would go into Path A.


All 55 member associations – including those 16 UEFA Nations League group winners – have the chance to qualify directly for UEFA EURO 2020, with the top two in each European Qualifiers group advancing directly to the tournament.

That leaves four EURO places to be determined via the play-offs. In theory, the four group winners will contest each League's own play-offs.

UEFA Nations League group winners

League A: England, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland
League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine
League C: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Serbia
League D: Belarus, North Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo

How the play-offs work
How the play-offs work

However, these play-offs do not take place until March 2020 – AFTER the conclusion of the conventional European Qualifiers. The EURO play-off berths of any UEFA Nations League group winners who qualify via the European Qualifiers will go to the next best-ranked team in their League.

Note: teams are ranked 1 to 55 according to their position in a group, points gained, goal difference, goals scored etc.

If a League does not have four teams to compete (say, for example, if ten of the 12 League A teams qualify automatically), the remaining slots are allocated to sides from another League in accordance with the overall UEFA Nations League rankings.

However, group winners cannot be placed in a play-off group with teams from a higher League. Therefore, should a play-off group including at least one group winner not have enough teams from the same League, the remaining spot(s) will have to be filled by teams from a lower League.

Key dates

22/11/2019: European Qualifiers play-off draw
30/11/2019: UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament draw
26/03/2020: European Qualifiers play-off semi-finals
31/03/2020: European Qualifiers play-off finals
01/04/2020: Additional final tournament draw if required
12/06/2020: Opening game, Olimpico in Rome
12/07/2020: Final, Wembley Stadium (London)

How will the play-off ties be decided?

The highest-ranked team in each path will play at home against the country ranked fourth, with the nations placed second hosting the third-placed teams in the other semi-final.

Unlike previous play-offs, these will be single-leg knockout matches, with the highest-ranked teams hosting each semi-final. The host for each path's play-off final will be drawn in advance on 22 November 2019.

How do the Finals fit in?

The Finals, which took place in Portugal in June 2019, are a separate entity and do not double up as League A's play-off. Winners Portugal do not qualify automatically for UEFA EURO 2020.