UEFA EURO 2020 qualifying schedule: all the fixtures

Check the fixtures for all ten matchdays of the European Qualifiers here.

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The European Qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020 run from March to November 2019 – check out all the fixtures and keep up with all the results right here.


All kick-offs 20:45CET unless otherwise stated.


Thursday 21 March

Group C: Netherlands v Belarus, Northern Ireland v Estonia
Group E: Croatia v Azerbaijan, Slovakia v Hungary
Group G: Austria v Poland, FYR Macedonia v Latvia, Israel v Slovenia
Group I: Belgium v Russia, Kazakhstan v Scotland (16:00), Cyprus v San Marino

Friday 22 March

Group A: England v Czech Republic, Bulgaria v Montenegro
Group B: Portugal v Ukraine, Luxembourg v Lithuania
Group H: Moldova v France, Andorra v Iceland, Albania v Turkey

Saturday 23 March

Group D: Georgia v Switzerland (15:00), Gibraltar v Republic of Ireland (18:00)
Group F: Spain v Norway, Sweden v Romania (18:00), Malta v Faroe Islands (18:00)
Group J: Italy v Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina v Armenia, Liechtenstein v Greece


Sunday 24 March

Group C: Netherlands v Germany, Northern Ireland v Belarus
Group E: Wales v Slovakia (15:00), Hungary v Croatia (18:00)
Group G: Israel v Austria (18:00), Poland v Latvia, Slovenia v FYR Macedonia
Group I: Kazakhstan v Russia (15:00), San Marino v Scotland (18:00), Cyprus v Belgium

Monday 25 March

Group A: Montenegro v England, Kosovo v Bulgaria
Group B: Portugal v Serbia, Luxembourg v Ukraine
Group H: Turkey v Moldova (18:00), France v Iceland, Andorra v Albania

Tuesday 26 March

Group D: Switzerland v Denmark, Republic of Ireland v Georgia
Group F: Malta v Spain, Norway v Sweden, Romania v Faroe Islands
Group J: Armenia v Finland (18:00), Italy v Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina v Greece


Friday 7 June

Group A: Czech Republic v Bulgaria, Montenegro v Kosovo
Group B: Ukraine v Serbia, Lithuania v Luxembourg
Group D: Georgia v Gibraltar (18:00), Denmark v Republic of Ireland
Group F: Faroe Islands v Spain, Sweden v Malta, Norway v Romania
Group G: FYR Macedonia v Poland, Austria v Slovenia, Latvia v Israel

Saturday 8 June

Group C: Estonia v Northern Ireland (18:00), Belarus v Germany
Group E: Croatia v Wales (15:00), Azerbaijan v Hungary (18:00)
Group H: Iceland v Albania (15:00), Moldova v Andorra (18:00), Turkey v France
Group I: Russia v San Marino (18:00), Belgium v Kazakhstan, Scotland v Cyprus
Group J: Finland v Bosnia and Herzegovina (18:00), Armenia v Liechtenstein (18:00), Greece v Italy


Monday 10 June

Group A: Czech Republic v Montenegro, Bulgaria v Kosovo
Group B: Ukraine v Luxembourg, Serbia v Lithuania
Group D: Denmark v Georgia, Republic of Ireland v Gibraltar
Group F: Spain v Sweden, Malta v RomaniaFaroe Islands v Norway
Group G: Poland v Israel, FYR Macedonia v Austria, Latvia v Slovenia

Tuesday 11 June

Group C: Germany v Estonia, Belarus v Northern Ireland
Group E: Azerbaijan v Slovakia (18:00), Hungary v Wales
Group H: Andorra v France, Iceland v Turkey, Albania v Moldova
Group I: Kazakhstan v San Marino (16:00), Belgium v Scotland, Russia v Cyprus
Group J: Italy v Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece v Armenia, Liechtenstein v Finland


Thursday 5 September

Group D: Republic of Ireland v Switzerland, Gibraltar v Denmark
Group F: Romania v Spain, Norway v Malta, Faroe Islands v Sweden
Group G: Israel v FYR Macedonia
Group J: Armenia v Italy (18:00), Bosnia and Herzegovina v Liechtenstein, Finland v Greece

Friday 6 September

Group C: Germany v Netherlands, Estonia v Belarus
Group E: Slovakia v Croatia, Wales v Azerbaijan
Group G: Slovenia v Poland, Austria v Latvia
Group I: San Marino v Belgium, Scotland v Russia, Cyprus v Kazakhstan

Saturday 7 September

Group A: Kosovo v Czech Republic (15:00), England v Bulgaria (18:00)
Group B: Lithuania v Ukraine (18:00), Serbia v Portugal
Group H: Iceland v Moldova (18:00), France v Albania, Turkey v Andorra


Sunday 8 September

Group D: Switzerland v Gibraltar (18:00), Georgia v Denmark (18:00)
Group F
: Spain v Faroe Islands (15:00), Romania v Malta (18:00), Sweden v Norway
Group J: Armenia v Bosnia and Herzegovina (18:00), Finland v Italy, Greece v Liechtenstein

Monday 9 September

Group C: Northern Ireland v Germany, Estonia v Netherlands
Group E: Azerbaijan v Croatia (18:00), Hungary v Slovakia
Group G: Poland v Austria, Slovenia v Israel, Latvia v FYR Macedonia
Group I: Scotland v Belgium, Russia v Kazakhstan, San Marino v Cyprus

Tuesday 10 September

Group A: England v Kosovo, Montenegro v Czech Republic
Group B: Lithuania v Portugal, Luxembourg v Serbia
Group H: France v Andorra, Albania v Iceland, Moldova v Turkey


Thursday 10 October

Group C: Netherlands v Northern Ireland, Belarus v Estonia
Group E: Croatia v Hungary, Slovakia v Wales
Group G: Latvia v Poland, Austria v Israel, FYR Macedonia v Slovenia
Group I: Kazakhstan v Cyprus (16:00), Belgium v San Marino, Russia v Scotland

Friday 11 October

Group A: Czech Republic v England, Montenegro v Bulgaria
Group B: Portugal v Luxembourg, Ukraine v Lithuania
Group H: Iceland v France, Turkey v Albania, Andorra v Moldova

Saturday 12 October

Group D: Georgia v Republic of Ireland (15:00), Denmark v Switzerland (18:00)
Group F: Faroe Islands v Romania (18:00), Norway v Spain, Malta v Sweden
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Finland (18:00), Italy v Greece, Liechtenstein v Armenia


Sunday 13 October

Group C: Belarus v Netherlands (18:00), Estonia v Germany
Group E: Hungary v Azerbaijan (18:00), Wales v Croatia
Group G: Poland v FYR Macedonia, Slovenia v Austria
Group I: Kazakhstan v Belgium (15:00), Cyprus v Russia (18:00), Scotland v San Marino (18:00)

Monday 14 October

Group A: Bulgaria v England, Kosovo v Montenegro
Group B: Ukraine v Portugal, Lithuania v Serbia
Group H: France v Turkey, Iceland v Andorra, Moldova v Albania

Tuesday 15 October

Group D: Switzerland v Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar v Georgia
Group F: Sweden v Spain, Romania v Norway, Faroe Islands v Malta
Group G: Israel v Latvia
Group J: Liechtenstein v Italy, Greece v Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland v Armenia


Thursday 14 November

Group A: England v Montenegro, Czech Republic v Kosovo
Group B: Portugal v Lithuania, Serbia v Luxembourg
Group H: Turkey v Iceland (18:00), France v Moldova, Albania v Andorra

Friday 15 November

Group D: Switzerland v Georgia, Denmark v Gibraltar
Group F: Spain v Malta, Romania v Sweden, Norway v Faroe Islands (18:00)
Group J
: Armenia v Greece (18:00), Finland v Liechtenstein (18:00), Bosnia and Herzegovina v Italy

Saturday 16 November

Group C: Germany v Belarus, Northern Ireland v Netherlands
Group E: Azerbaijan v Wales (18:00), Croatia v Slovakia
Group G: Slovenia v Latvia (18:00), Israel v Poland, Austria v FYR Macedonia
Group I: Cyprus v Scotland (15:00), Russia v Belgium (18:00), San Marino v Kazakhstan (18:00)


Sunday 17 November

Group A: Kosovo v England (18:00), Bulgaria v Czech Republic (18:00)
Group B: Luxembourg v Portugal (15:00), Serbia v Ukraine (15:00)
Group H: Albania v France, Moldova v Iceland, Andorra v Turkey

Monday 18 November

Group D: Gibraltar v Switzerland, Republic of Ireland v Denmark
Group F: Spain v Romania, Sweden v Faroe Islands, Malta v Norway
Group J: Italy v Armenia, Liechtenstein v Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece v Finland

Tuesday 19 November

Group C: Germany v Northern Ireland, Netherlands v Estonia
Group E: Wales v Hungary, Slovakia v Azerbaijan
Group G: Poland v Slovenia, Latvia v Austria, FYR Macedonia v Israel
Group I: Belgium v Cyprus, San Marino v Russia, Scotland v Kazakhstan