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Accreditation details.

Media (futsal)


The deadline is Monday 15 January at 12:00 (CET). Match-specific group stage, knock out stage deadlines can be found here.

Media with a FAME account

Media representatives (non-broadcasting media) can apply for accreditation (Tournament Pass) and match-specific media bookings via the following link:

Non-Rights Holders TV and radio representatives can apply for accreditation (Tournament Pass) and match-specific mMedia bookings via the following link:

Please make sure you place a complete request, composed of:

1. Accreditation: Tournament pass

2. Match specific bookings: You must request at least one match. Towards the end of the group stage, you will be able to modify your selection and cancel or request knock out stage matches within the deadlines.


Before submitting your accreditation request, kindly ensure that the following information is complete:

ID/Passport Information: Your personal details and identification information must be accurate and reflect entirely the information on the ID or passport you wish to use to collect accreditation devices.

Update your Profile: Your latest publications/work samples and your valid press card must be uploaded/updated by the day of the deadline, namely ahead of the professional activity quality checks. These documents will determine whether your current professional activity status allows you to cover the event.

Organisation or Function Changes: If your organisation or the function for the respective event changes, please request the change before you apply for an accreditation by sending an e-mail to

Freelancers: Please upload onto your FAME profile or provide the proof of assignment officially signed by the media outlet that entrusted you to cover the event.

Arbitration Criteria: In light of the anticipated high demand for media accreditations and the space limitations at the venue, UEFA will apply the arbitration criteria, and priority consideration will be granted to professional media from the participating national associations as well as local media.

Media without a FAME account

Media without a FAME account must register in FAME and provide proof of professional activity as sports journalists.

Press, websites and photographers must register here.
Non-rights holders must place a FAME registration request here.

Should you have any queries or comments please contact us at