Finalists' warm-up results

The 12 contenders warm up for the tournament with a busy programme of friendlies. has the results in all their official matches since March's main round.

The Czech Republic won the Tychy tournament in Poland

Key: h – home, a – away, n – neutral, PO – qualifying play-off, FWC – FIFA Futsal World Cup main round

23 April: D1-1, L0-1pens v Moldova (a, Chisinau)
26 August: W5-0 v Turkmenistan (h, Baku)
27 August: W6-2 v Turkmenistan (h, Baku)
31 August: W5-2 v Belarus (h, Baku)
2 September: W2-1 v Belarus (h, Baku)
15 September: W3-1 v Slovakia (PO, h, Baku)
22 September: D1-1 v Slovakia (PO, a, Bratislava)
10 December: W8-2 v Sweden (FWC, n, Osijek)
11 December: W7-2 v Belarus (FWC, n, Osijek)
13 December: D4-4 v Croatia (FWC, a, Osijek)

22 September: L1-2 v Italy (h, Novigrad)
23 September: D2-2 v Italy (h, Opatija)
30 November: W4-3 v Japan (h, Zagreb)
1 December: W4-0 v Japan (h, Osijek)
10 December: F4-7 v Belarus (FWC, h, Osijek)
11 December: W5-1 v Sweden (FWC, h, Osijek)
13 December: D4-4 v Azerbaijan (FWC, h, Osijek)

Czech Republic
2 September: W5-2 v Poland (a, Tychy tournament)
3 September: L0-3 v Slovakia (n, Tychy tournament)
4 September: W6-0 v Hungary (n, Tychy tournament, first place)
15 September: W2-1 v Belarus (PO, h, Prague)
22 September: D1-1 v Belarus (PO, a, Minsk)
19 October: L4-6 v Serbia (a, Ruma)
20 October: D3-3 v Serbia (a, Sremska Mitrovica)
6 December: L4-5 v Japan (h, Chomutov)
7 December: L2-3 v Japan (h, Chomutov)
10 December: L1-3 v Kazakhstan (FWC, h, Chomutov)
11 December: W3-2 v France (FWC, h, Chomutov)
13 December: L2-3 v Slovenia (FWC, h, Chomutov)

2 September: W3-1 v Slovakia (n, Tychy tournament)
3 September: L2-6 v Poland (a, Tychy tournament)
4 September: L0-6 v Czech Republic (n, Tychy tournament, fourth place)
15 September: D2-2 v Romania (PO, a, Buzau)
22 September: W4-3aet v Romania (PO, h, Debrecen)
10 December: W5-2 v Belgium (FWC, h, Gyor)
11 December: W5-4 v England (FWC, h, Gyor)
13 December: L3-5 v Ukraine (FWC, h, Gyor)

22 September: W2-1 v Croatia (a, Novigrad)
23 September: D2-2 v Croatia (a, Opatija)
20 October: W2-0 v Iran (h, Prato)
21 October: W3-2 v Iran (h, Prato)
10 December: W6-1 v FYR Macedonia (FWC, h, Bari)
11 December: W3-1 v Moldova (FWC, h, Bari)
13 December: L1-2 v Slovakia (FWC, h, Bari)

15 September: W5-0 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (PO, a, Zenica)
22 September: W4-0 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (PO, h, Almaty)
10 December: W3-1 v Czech Republic (FWC, a, Chomutov)
11 December: D2-2 v Slovenia (FWC, n, Chomutov)
13 December: W4-2 v France (FWC, n, Chomutov)

22 September: L1-2 v Brazil (a, Fortaleza)
19 October: W4-2 v Netherlands (a, Rotterdam)
20 October: L1-2 v Netherlands (a, Rotterdam)
10 December: W6-2 v Poland (FWC, h,  Povoa de Varzim)
11 December: W6-1 v Norway (FWC, h, Povoa de Varzim)
13 December: W5-0 v Romania (FWC, h, Povoa de Varzim)
27 January: v Slovakia (tbc)
28 January: v Slovakia (tbc)

10 October: L1-3 v Iran (a, Urmia)
11 October: D2-2 v Iran (a, Urmia)
10 December: W3-0 v Finland (FWC, n, Izmir)
11 December: W2-1 v Serbia (FWC, n, Izmir)
13 December: W7-1 v Turkey (FWC, a, Izmir)

4 April: W4-2 v Bulgaria (a, Veliko Tarnovo)
5 April: W3-1 v Bulgaria (a, Veliko Tarnovo)
25 June: L1-4 v Spain (a, Langreo)
26 June: L2-5 v Spain (a, Oviedo)
1 September: W2-1 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (h, Belgrade)
2 September: W4-2 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (h, Belgrade)
22 September: W5-4 v Slovenia (a, Brezice)
23 September: D2-2 v Slovenia (a, Podcetrtek)
19 October: W6-4 v Czech Republic (h, Ruma)
20 October: D3-3 v Czech Republic (h, Sremska Mitrovica)
26 November: W5-1 v Romania (a, Timisoara)
10 December: W6-0 v Turkey (FWC, a, Izmir)
11 December: L1-2 v Russia (FWC, n, Izmir)
13 December: W2-1 v Finland (FWC, n, Izmir)

22 September: L4-5 v Serbia (h, Brezice)
23 September: D2-2 v Serbia (h, Podcetrtek)
19 October: L1-3 v Ukraine (a, Kyiv)
20 October: D1-1 v Ukraine (a, Plascenia)
10 December: D2-2 v France (FWC, n, Chomutov)
11 December: D2-2 v Kazakhstan (FWC, n, Chomutov)
13 December: W3-2 v Czech Republic (FWC, a, Chomutov)

25 June: W4-1 v Serbia (h, Langreo)
26 June: W5-2 v Serbia (h, Oviedo)
21 September: W5-1 v Latvia (a, Riga)
22 September: W8-1 v Latvia (a, Riga)
19 October: W10-2 v FYR Macedonia (h, Caceres)
20 October: W8-0 v FYR Macedonia (h, Plasencia)
10 December:W7-0 v Latvia (FWC, n, Eindhoven)
11 December: W8-1 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (FWC, n, Eindhoven)
13 December: W7-1 v Netherlands (FWC, a, Eindhoven)
25 January: v Poland (h, Torrejon de Ardoz)

19 October: W3-1 v Slovenia (h, Kyiv)
20 October: D1-1 v Slovenia (h, Plascenia)
10 December: W7-0 v England (FWC, n, Gyor)
11 December: W6-2 v Belgium (FWC, n, Gyor)
13 December: W5-3 v Hungary (FWC, a, Gyor)