Serbia are in their third straight UEFA European Futsal Championship final tournament since their national team was revived by former Yugoslavia captain Aca Kovačević.

Aca Kovačević (left) has been in charge for nearly a decade.
Aca Kovačević (left) has been in charge for nearly a decade. ©Marko Djurić

The former Yugoslavia entered the international futsal world in December 1987 with a two-game friendly series in Italy and although they lost their debut 4-2, the day after they won 5-1. Five years later they qualified for the 1992 FIFA Futsal World Cup, but international sanctions denied them a chance to compete. Returning to action in 1995, they made a final tournament debut at the 1999 UEFA European Futsal Championship.

Subsequent results were mixed, and for three years from January 2004 they played just once, a 5-0 loss in Spain as Serbia and Montenegro in February 2006. But the separate Serbia entered 2007 EURO qualifying under former captain Aca Kovačević and earned a finals place, performing respectably by narrowly losing 5-3 to Russia, holding Spain 1-1 and beating Ukraine 3-2, and they made the last eight again in the expanded finals of 2010 and 2012, when they also made their World Cup return.

2015 results: Bulgaria 4-2 (a, 4 April), Bulgaria 3-1 (a, 5 April), Spain 1-4 (a, 25 June), Spain 2-5 (a, 26 June), Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1 (h, 1 September), Bosnia and Herzegovina 4-2 (h, 2 September), Slovenia 5-4 (a, 22 September), Slovenia 2-2 (a, 23 September), Czech Republic 6-4 (h, 19 October), Czech Republic 3-3 (h, 20 October), Romania 5-1 (a, 26 November), Turkey 6-0 (a, 10 December), Russia 1-2 (n, 11 December), Finland 2-1 (n, 13 December)

Key players
Marko Perić, Slobodan Rajčević, Mladen Kocić

Coach: Aca Kovačević

Tournament record
2014: Did not qualify
2012: Quarter-finals
2010: Quarter-finals
2007: Group stage
2005: Did not qualify
2003: Did not qualify
2001: Did not qualify
1999: Group stage
1996: Did not qualify