Finalists' warm-up results

The 12 contenders warm up for the tournament with a busy programme of friendlies. has the results in all their official matches since March's main round.

The Czech Republic won the Tychy tournament in Poland
The Czech Republic won the Tychy tournament in Poland ©

Key: h – home, a – away, n – neutral, PO – qualifying play-off, FWC – FIFA Futsal World Cup main round

23 April: D1-1, L0-1pens v Moldova (a, Chisinau)
26 August: W5-0 v Turkmenistan (h, Baku)
27 August: W6-2 v Turkmenistan (h, Baku)
31 August: W5-2 v Belarus (h, Baku)
2 September: W2-1 v Belarus (h, Baku)
15 September: W3-1 v Slovakia (PO, h, Baku)
22 September: D1-1 v Slovakia (PO, a, Bratislava)
10 December: W8-2 v Sweden (FWC, n, Osijek)
11 December: W7-2 v Belarus (FWC, n, Osijek)
13 December: D4-4 v Croatia (FWC, a, Osijek)

22 September: L1-2 v Italy (h, Novigrad)
23 September: D2-2 v Italy (h, Opatija)
30 November: W4-3 v Japan (h, Zagreb)
1 December: W4-0 v Japan (h, Osijek)
10 December: F4-7 v Belarus (FWC, h, Osijek)
11 December: W5-1 v Sweden (FWC, h, Osijek)
13 December: D4-4 v Azerbaijan (FWC, h, Osijek)

Czech Republic
2 September: W5-2 v Poland (a, Tychy tournament)
3 September: L0-3 v Slovakia (n, Tychy tournament)
4 September: W6-0 v Hungary (n, Tychy tournament, first place)
15 September: W2-1 v Belarus (PO, h, Prague)
22 September: D1-1 v Belarus (PO, a, Minsk)
19 October: L4-6 v Serbia (a, Ruma)
20 October: D3-3 v Serbia (a, Sremska Mitrovica)
6 December: L4-5 v Japan (h, Chomutov)
7 December: L2-3 v Japan (h, Chomutov)
10 December: L1-3 v Kazakhstan (FWC, h, Chomutov)
11 December: W3-2 v France (FWC, h, Chomutov)
13 December: L2-3 v Slovenia (FWC, h, Chomutov)

2 September: W3-1 v Slovakia (n, Tychy tournament)
3 September: L2-6 v Poland (a, Tychy tournament)
4 September: L0-6 v Czech Republic (n, Tychy tournament, fourth place)
15 September: D2-2 v Romania (PO, a, Buzau)
22 September: W4-3aet v Romania (PO, h, Debrecen)
10 December: W5-2 v Belgium (FWC, h, Gyor)
11 December: W5-4 v England (FWC, h, Gyor)
13 December: L3-5 v Ukraine (FWC, h, Gyor)

22 September: W2-1 v Croatia (a, Novigrad)
23 September: D2-2 v Croatia (a, Opatija)
20 October: W2-0 v Iran (h, Prato)
21 October: W3-2 v Iran (h, Prato)
10 December: W6-1 v FYR Macedonia (FWC, h, Bari)
11 December: W3-1 v Moldova (FWC, h, Bari)
13 December: L1-2 v Slovakia (FWC, h, Bari)

15 September: W5-0 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (PO, a, Zenica)
22 September: W4-0 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (PO, h, Almaty)
10 December: W3-1 v Czech Republic (FWC, a, Chomutov)
11 December: D2-2 v Slovenia (FWC, n, Chomutov)
13 December: W4-2 v France (FWC, n, Chomutov)

22 September: L1-2 v Brazil (a, Fortaleza)
19 October: W4-2 v Netherlands (a, Rotterdam)
20 October: L1-2 v Netherlands (a, Rotterdam)
10 December: W6-2 v Poland (FWC, h,  Povoa de Varzim)
11 December: W6-1 v Norway (FWC, h, Povoa de Varzim)
13 December: W5-0 v Romania (FWC, h, Povoa de Varzim)
27 January: v Slovakia (tbc)
28 January: v Slovakia (tbc)

10 October: L1-3 v Iran (a, Urmia)
11 October: D2-2 v Iran (a, Urmia)
10 December: W3-0 v Finland (FWC, n, Izmir)
11 December: W2-1 v Serbia (FWC, n, Izmir)
13 December: W7-1 v Turkey (FWC, a, Izmir)

4 April: W4-2 v Bulgaria (a, Veliko Tarnovo)
5 April: W3-1 v Bulgaria (a, Veliko Tarnovo)
25 June: L1-4 v Spain (a, Langreo)
26 June: L2-5 v Spain (a, Oviedo)
1 September: W2-1 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (h, Belgrade)
2 September: W4-2 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (h, Belgrade)
22 September: W5-4 v Slovenia (a, Brezice)
23 September: D2-2 v Slovenia (a, Podcetrtek)
19 October: W6-4 v Czech Republic (h, Ruma)
20 October: D3-3 v Czech Republic (h, Sremska Mitrovica)
26 November: W5-1 v Romania (a, Timisoara)
10 December: W6-0 v Turkey (FWC, a, Izmir)
11 December: L1-2 v Russia (FWC, n, Izmir)
13 December: W2-1 v Finland (FWC, n, Izmir)

22 September: L4-5 v Serbia (h, Brezice)
23 September: D2-2 v Serbia (h, Podcetrtek)
19 October: L1-3 v Ukraine (a, Kyiv)
20 October: D1-1 v Ukraine (a, Plascenia)
10 December: D2-2 v France (FWC, n, Chomutov)
11 December: D2-2 v Kazakhstan (FWC, n, Chomutov)
13 December: W3-2 v Czech Republic (FWC, a, Chomutov)

25 June: W4-1 v Serbia (h, Langreo)
26 June: W5-2 v Serbia (h, Oviedo)
21 September: W5-1 v Latvia (a, Riga)
22 September: W8-1 v Latvia (a, Riga)
19 October: W10-2 v FYR Macedonia (h, Caceres)
20 October: W8-0 v FYR Macedonia (h, Plasencia)
10 December:W7-0 v Latvia (FWC, n, Eindhoven)
11 December: W8-1 v Bosnia and Herzegovina (FWC, n, Eindhoven)
13 December: W7-1 v Netherlands (FWC, a, Eindhoven)
25 January: v Poland (h, Torrejon de Ardoz)

19 October: W3-1 v Slovenia (h, Kyiv)
20 October: D1-1 v Slovenia (h, Plascenia)
10 December: W7-0 v England (FWC, n, Gyor)
11 December: W6-2 v Belgium (FWC, n, Gyor)
13 December: W5-3 v Hungary (FWC, a, Gyor)