New UEFA Futsal EURO format for 2022

The UEFA Futsal EURO is to be expanded to 16 teams and will become a tournament played every four years, starting from 2022.

Ricardinho lifts the trophy in 2018
Ricardinho lifts the trophy in 2018 ©Sportsfile

The UEFA Futsal EURO has been until now a biennial tournament involving firstly eight teams and then, since 2010, 12 teams – but now the 2018 edition has been played, that will all change.

• The competition will move from being a biennial 12-team final tournament to a 16-nation event played every four years.

• The first 16-team event after the 12-sided UEFA Futsal EURO 2018 finals in Ljubljana won by Portugal will take place in 2022. No competition will be held in leap years, when the FIFA Futsal World Cup is played.

• Details on the new format and the selection of hosts for the 2022 finals are to follow.

Other UEFA futsal changes

• The leading European club competition, the UEFA Futsal Cup, will become the UEFA Futsal Champions League from 2018/19. The format has also changed for 2017/18.

Watch great futsal goals
Watch great futsal goals

• A UEFA Women's Futsal EURO will be introduced, to be staged every two years starting in 2019. The competition will culminate in a four-team final tournament.

• An Under-19 Futsal EURO will be established, held every two years and beginning in 2019. The competition will conclude with an eight-team final tournament.

• Futsal will feature at the Youth Olympics for the first time in Buenos Aires next year (for players born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2003). Two boys' teams and two girls' teams will qualify from Europe in November.