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Facts and figures

European futsal competitions have been organised by UEFA since 1996 and has the facts, figures and records.
Facts and figures
Ricardinho: the first player to reach 21 Futsal EURO finals goals ©Sportsfile

Road to the final

UEFA Futsal EURO 2018 comprises of a preliminary round, main round, play-off round and 12-team final tournament played in Slovenia.

Preliminary round
Five groups of four teams each and two of three are played as one-venue mini-tournaments from 23 January to 1 February 2017  The seven group winners progress to the main round.

Main round
The seven progressing sides join the 21 highest-ranked qualifying contenders in seven groups of four teams played as one-venue mini-tournaments between 3 and 12 April 2017. The seven group winners progress to the final tournament, where they join hosts Slovenia, while the seven runners-up and best third-placed team enter the play-offs.

The eight teams are drawn into four pairs to play two-legged ties in September 2017. The four winners complete the final tournament lineup.

Final tournament
The final tournament between 30 January and 10 February 2018 will begin with the 12 contenders draw into four groups of three teams. The top two from each group will progress to the quarter-finals, from where the tournament is a knockout competition.

Further details, including the criteria for separating teams that finish level on points in a group, can be found in the official competition regulations.

Facts and figures

European futsal competitions have been organised by UEFA since 1996 and has the facts, figures and records.

Years in all cases refer to date of final tournament

2018: Portugal 3-2 Spain (aet): Ljubljana, Slovenia
2016: Spain 7-3 Russia: Belgrade, Serbia
2014: Italy 3-1 Russia; Antwerp, Belgium
2012: Spain 3-1 Russia (aet); Zagreb, Croatia
2010: Spain 4-2 Portugal; Debrecen, Hungary
2007: Spain 3-1 Italy; Porto, Portugal
2005: Spain 2-1 Russia; Ostrava, Czech Republic
2003: Italy 1-0 Ukraine; Caserta, Italy
2001: Spain 2-1 Ukraine (golden goal); Moscow, Russia
1999: Russia 3-3 Spain (aet, 4-3 pens); Granada, Spain
1996*: Spain 5-3 Russia; Cordoba, Spain

*UEFA European Futsal Tournament, championship status from 1999 onwards

Biggest wins
Qualifying: Russia 31-0 Moldova, 1996
Final tournament: Spain 9-1 Belarus, 2010

Individual match goalscoring
Qualifying: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 7 v Moldova, 1996
Final tournament: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 5 v Portugal, 2003

Fastest final tournament goal
Felipe (Azerbaijan) v Serbia 2012, 8 seconds

Highest-scoring match
Serbia 8-9 Azerbaijan, 2012 group stage

Most goals in final tournament
Serbia 2016, 129

Overall tournament top scorers
2018: Bruno Coelho (Portugal) 11
2016: Ricardinho (Portugal) 11
2014: Kristjan Čujec (Slovenia), Sergio Lozano (Spain) 9
2012: Cihan Özkan (Turkey), Darko Rangotov (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) 8
2010: Clayton Baptistella (Italy), Joel Queirós (Portugal) 10
2007: Cihan Özcan (Turkey) 15
2005: Edwin Grünholz (Netherlands) 10
2003: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 17
2001: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 13
1999: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 20
1996: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 23

Finals top scorers
2018: Ricardinho (Portugal) 7
2016: Miguelín (Spain)*, Mario Rivillos (Spain)*, Alex (Spain), Ricardinho (Portugal), Serik Zhamankulov (Kazakhstan) 6
2014: Eder Lima (Russia) 8
2012: Torras (Spain)**, Dario Marinović (Croatia) 5
2010: Saad Assis (Italy), Biro Jade (Azerbaijan), Javi Rodríguez (Spain), Joel Queirós (Portugal) 5
2007: Cirilo (Russia), Daniel (Spain), Predrag Rajić (Serbia) 5
2005: Nando Grana (Italy) 6
2003: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 7
2001: Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 7
1999: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 11
1996: Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 8

*Won/shared adidas Golden Shoe on assists

All time top scorers
Final tournaments
Ricardinho (Portugal) 22
Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 20
Eder Lima (Russia) 17
Daniel (Spain) 16
Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 15

Overall including qualifying
Konstantin Eremenko (Russia) 44
Serhiy Koridze (Ukraine) 39
Florin Matei (Romania) 36
Igor Moskvychov (Ukraine), Ricardinho (Portugal) 32

All time most player appearances
Final tournaments
Luis Amado (Spain) 33
Kike (Spain) 29
Ortiz (Spain) 24
João Benedito (Portugal) 23
Julio (Spain) 22

Overall including qualifying
Luis Amado (Spain) 47
Robert Lupu (Romania), Florin Matei (Romania) 41
Arnaldo (Portugal), Rizvan Farzaliyev (Azerbaijan) 40

Highest attendances
Qualifying: Slovenia v Russia, Moscow, 1999, 6,000
Final tournament: Croatia v Russia, Zagreb, 2012, 14,300
Aggregate for final tournament: Serbia 2016, 113,820

(final tournament only)
Oldest player: Andrey Tveryankin (Azerbaijan) v Serbia, 03/02/2012, 44 years 334 days
Oldest goalscorer: Mico Martić (Croatia) v Poland, 22/02/2001, 36 years 364 days
Youngest player: Cristian Rizzo (Italy) v Ukraine, 23/01/2010, 18 years 355 days
Youngest goalscorer: Adriano Foglia (Italy) v Russia, 22/02/2001, 19 years 303 days

Final tournament appearances (max 11)
11: Italy, Russia, Spain
10: Ukraine
9: Portugal
8: Czech Republic
7: Slovenia, Yugoslavia/Serbia
5: Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Netherlands
4: Romania
3: Hungary
2: Kazakhstan, Poland
1: Belarus, France, Turkey

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