2020 Gdańsk UEFA Europa League final identity unveiled

In anticipation of the new UEFA Europa League season, the 2020 final identity will be unveiled today at the group stage draw in Monaco. The iconic UEFA Europa League trophy is surrounded by Gdańsk's iconic architecture to create a distinctive identity with a local flavour.

2020 Gdańsk UEFA Europa League final identity unveiled
2020 Gdańsk UEFA Europa League final identity unveiled ©UEFA.com

The final design features some of the host cities’ most renowned buildings such as the Artus Court, the Crane, Neptune’s foundation, the cranes from the city’s historic shipyards and the Town Hall. The branding expresses the competition’s dynamic nature and large geographical scale, which covers the whole of the European continent and of course, Gdańsk, the Polish city on the Baltic coast.

Gdańsk is a city of contrasts, which has influenced the host city logo design. It incorporates the classical architectural structures of the city, as well as the strong industrial heritage of Gdańsk. Inspired by the principles of the traditional Polish folk crafts, the Gdańsk pattern references football and the UEFA Europa League, through the use of hexagonal and triangular shapes, footballs and the energy wave.

The branding will be applied across a wide range of promotional applications, with the objective of further enhancing the appeal of one of European club football's most cherished and historic tournaments.

The new brand identity has been developed in collaboration with UEFA's marketing partner, TEAM Marketing AG and branding agency Turquoise.

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