Armand Duka

Armand Duka
Armand Duka ©

Nationality: Albanian
Date of birth: 7 October 1962
Executive Committee member since: 2019

Born and raised in Albania, Armand Duka attended the University of Tirana to study economics, and gained his degree in 1986. He started working as an economist in two major transport state entities in Durrës and Burrel. After the collapse of the communist system in 1990, he set up his own business, which has grown over the years to become one of the most successful businesses in the fields of food, winery and market chains.

His passion and links to football have developed since the early 1990s when, despite the difficult economic situation throughout the country, he was among the main financial supporters and sponsors of his hometown football team KS Erzeni, in Shijak, and he was also a sponsor of the KF Teuta football club in Durrës.

Armand Duka became actively involved in football management in 2002, when he was elected as president of the Football Association of Albania, and is currently serving his fifth term at the helm of the country’s football.