UEFA statement on Cyprus case

UEFA is pleased to learn Cyprus's attorney general decided to close the case relating to allegations by Spyros Marangos about the decision to host UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland-Ukraine.

UEFA is pleased to learn that the attorney general of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to close the case relating to the allegations made by the Cypriot citizen Mr Spyros Marangos regarding the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee in 2007 to have UEFA EURO 2012 hosted in Poland and Ukraine.

UEFA expresses its satisfaction that, following police investigations, no information or evidence is available that would substantiate any of the allegations made by Mr Marangos. UEFA welcomes in particular the confirmation that all allegations of corruption or bribery made by Mr Marangos against UEFA and its members in relation to the decision on the hosting countries for UEFA EURO 2012 are completely unfounded.

Furthermore, UEFA takes note of the apologies made by Mr Marangos in a statement to the police authorities in Cyprus for the situation that emerged as a result of his allegations.

On 29 October 2010, UEFA lodged a legal complaint for defamation against Mr Marangos with the competent Swiss criminal authorities. This procedure remains open.