Noël Le Graët

FIFA council

Noël Le Graët
Noël Le Graët ©UEFA

Nationality: French
Date of birth: 25 December 1941
FIFA Council member since: 2019

In May 2019, Noël Le Graët was appointed as a European member of the FIFA Council until the next UEFA Ordinary Congress in 2020. A former French Professional League chairman (1991-2000), where he developed the DNCG (Direction nationale de contrôle et de gestion/ National Control and Management Council), which monitors the financial health of French clubs, Le Graët was elected for the first time as FFF President on 18 June 2011.

Since then, France has successfully hosted UEFA EURO 2016, and Les Bleus have won the FIFA World Cup in 2018. In addition to sports results, his terms at the head of the French football governing body have focused on women's football, education and financial results which have enabled the FFF to significantly increase its budget.

Noël Le Graët previously chaired EA Guingamp (1972-91 and 2002-11), steering the club from amateur status in the seventh French tier to professional status in Ligue 1. After starting his career as a sales representative, he founded a food group in 1986 which now employs more than 800 people. He was also mayor of Guingamp for 13 years (1995-2008).