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UEFA President answers UEFA.com users

UEFA President Michel Platini met your questions head on as he looked back at UEFA EURO 2012, explaining why five referees boosted the goal count and revealing his favourite moment.

UEFA President Michel Platini enjoyed 'a unique event'
UEFA President Michel Platini enjoyed 'a unique event' ©UEFA.com

We asked you to send your questions in for UEFA President Michel Platini in our final #Ask session and you duly responded, giving Mr Platini plenty to think about. Looking back over a UEFA EURO 2012 he calls "a resounding success", he explains how introducing five referees helped raise the goal count and expresses his joy at having taken the tournament east.

@Zefa22: What was your favourite moment of the tournament, and who was your player of the tournament?

Michel Platini: There were lots of marvellous moments during EURO 2012, but the best moment for me personally was without doubt when the referee whistled to kick off the opening match. That signified that we were finally getting down to what mattered – the football – after five years of intense work and preparation. I knew it was the kick-off of a unique event.

From my point of view, there wasn't really one player who managed to stand out above the rest at this EURO, but rather a group of great players who were able to perform at this major tournament. And you all know who those great players are.

@RossDan: After the success of UEFA EURO 2012, are you looking forward to the developments that lie ahead for the competition? What do you think the changes to the format will add that has been lacking?

Platini: Above all, it will show everyone that Europe does have 24 teams with the necessary technical level to participate in the final phase of a competition like this. I'm sure of it.

@Alfre1999: In your opinion, what's the best recipe a football team should use to win a tournament?

Platini: It comes down to two words: technique and freshness.

@Gilbert Teo: What is the biggest progress that you have observed from the football played in this EURO, compared with the previous editions?

Platini: Without any hesitation, I'd say the system of five referees. That was the principal innovation on the pitch compared to previous EURO editions and the system of five referees was a real plus in terms of the football that got played: it helped get rid of simulation in the area and also helped significantly reduce shirt-pulling during set pieces. In the end, there were more goals and, even more significantly, more headed goals in this EURO than in other big international competitions. That's no coincidence. The system of five referees acts as a deterrent and the quality of football benefits from that.

@sekundo: What do you like best: to play and score or to be the head of UEFA and making rules and regulations?

Platini: There's a right age for everything. When I was 20 or 30, I loved playing football. Today, I love my mission to protect football.

@ahcaracuc: Was it a successful experiment to bring the EURO to eastern Europe for the first time?

Platini: This EURO, the first in the east, has been a resounding success, a real triumph. Poland and Ukraine showed the whole world that they can organise this type of event and that they needn't have any concerns. They can be proud of the work they've done, their enthusiasm and the final results. I'm proud of them, anyway.