UEFA EURO 2020 looks to focus on the fans

Digital services are integral to spectator experience that includes free public transport and a new UEFA Festival attraction across Europe

UEFA EURO 2020 looks to focus on the fans
UEFA EURO 2020 looks to focus on the fans ©Getty Images

With 12 host cities across Europe preparing to stage UEFA EURO 2020, the finals will bring the competition closer to more fans than ever before. This new EURO hosting experience also extends to a range of technological and experiential innovations that UEFA is implementing for the first time.

“For UEFA EURO 2020, we are creating a new experience driven by the fans,” says UEFA Events SA CEO Martin Kallen. “Combining fan insight and the latest in digital technology, our focus is to deliver a personalised experience for every fan. This starts with the implementation of digital ticketing for specific target groups at every game. The digital match ticket will be complemented by a range of digital services all designed to help fans make the best use of their time – whether attending the match, organising their travel and accommodation, or sampling what each host city has to offer.”

UEFA expects a carnival atmosphere across all of Europe during the finals, which begin in Rome on Friday 12 June 2020 until the final at Wembley Stadium, London, on Sunday 12 July 2020.

“Prior to and during the finals, the tournament app will act as the gateway for everyone to embrace all that EURO 2020 has to offer,” Kallen continues. “The app will unlock a personal digital travelcard, because spectators with match tickets will enjoy free public transport in almost all host cities on match days. This has been a significant undertaking and we appreciate the support provided by the host cities in making this a reality – unprecedented across so many countries during a final tournament, and a crucial element in encouraging fans to use public transport services.”

But UEFA is also partnering with host cities in developing a spectator experience that goes beyond the 90 minutes, and beyond the fans attending the matches as iconic places in each of the host cities will play host to the UEFA Festival, a location that will offer more than just football.

“The UEFA Festival provides all visitors, families and residents alike, with a mix of entertainment, music, culture and festivity – with each location having a distinct local feel, in line with the unique hosting structure of the finals,” Kallen adds. “For the 60th anniversary of the finals, we wanted to ensure that EURO offers something for everyone, to be more inclusive than ever before. For people who do not have a ticket to the game or who want to soak up the festive atmosphere, fan zones in each of the host cities provide a fun place to watch all the action. For those fans heading to the stadium, the last kilometre of their journey will include fan marches and a wave of live entertainment performances, all playing a key part in building the atmosphere during the last countdown to kick-off.”

With the app providing extensive tourist, travel and entertainment information, and Volkswagen Mobility Makers on hand to facilitate any fan-related queries to and from the stadium and the festival, the spectator experience will set a new benchmark as UEFA EURO 2020 plays out across Europe.