Kick out COVID-19 by following the World Health Organization and FIFA's five steps to help stop the disease’s spread.

1. Wash hands 2. Cough into bent elbow 3. Don't touch your face 4. Keep physical distance 5. Stay at home if unwell.
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Promote, protect and develop

Challenging, thrilling and rewarding: join the team at UEFA, be at the heart of European football and make a difference

Working at UEFA offers exciting opportunities, rewarding experiences and daily challenges enabling us to make a positive difference to European football across all levels

This is more than football. This is more than just a job. Football isn't only a game. It's a passion shared across cultures, borders and languages. It's a social 'rendezvous' with friends and family. It's a sport which promotes key values and principles, and it's an industry at the cutting-edge of innovation. We are looking for game-changers, talented professionals, driven by passion, purpose and pride. Join in and get the chance to make a positive impact to European football across all levels, and beyond. This is where you start a career in European football!