UEFA women's football department recruiting now

With UEFA creating two new roles to help keep pace with the astonishing growth of the women's game, head of women's football Nadine Kessler explains the context in which they are needed and the tasks facing her future new colleagues.


When a former European champion urges you to join her winning team, what greater enticement could there be? This inviting possibility exists at UEFA, whose head of women's football Nadine Kessler is eager to welcome new team-mates in the form of a women's football competitions manager and a women's football development coordinator.

Kessler herself joined UEFA soon after injury ended her playing days in 2016, and the former world and European player of the year has since experienced "a really exciting time for women's football" – something she attributes to "tremendous growth and positive challenges on all levels of the sport".

Nadine Kessler (left) won Women's EURO 2013
Nadine Kessler (left) won Women's EURO 2013©Getty Images

As an attacking midfielder with Germany, Wolfsburg, Potsdam and Saarbrücken, the 30-year-old enjoyed a thoroughly memorable career, winning UEFA Women's EURO 2013 and three UEFA Women's Champions League titles. If her successes came during a remarkable development surge for the game, she envisages further advancements during the next decade.

"Whether we're talking about the visibility, interest and commercial appeal of our elite competitions or the general rise in terms of people participating in the game, there is clear evidence of women's football's potential," she affirms.

"Through professionalising the game but also increasing the number of participants, we believe women's football will contribute to the success of the football family as a whole and has the power to impact society for a greater good."

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It is within this inspiring context – with Kessler and her team ever "motivated to set new standards for the good of the game" – that her new colleagues will get to work: "The competitions manager role will become our main lead in terms of managing and overseeing all UEFA women's competitions, with a particular focus on the conceptual development of the Women's EURO. [It will be] a person who is used to leading people and enjoys being part of a great ambitious team.

"The development coordinator position is a supporting role to work alongside our national associations in planning and creating initiatives to develop and build the structures of women's football. We are looking for an individual with good organisation and excellent interpersonal skills. We believe the drive and motivation this person brings will help us to reach new heights."

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