Promote, protect and develop European football

  1. What is it like to work at UEFA?

    What is it like to work at UEFA?

    We are always innovating

    Just as tactics and trends move quickly in the world of football, we invest in state-of-the-art technology and foster creativity to keep the European game at the forefront of worldwide sport.

    Innovative ideas and ICT plays an essential role in UEFA activities.

    We are always innovating
  2. We value our environment

    We value our environment

    UEFA's environmentally open-plan offices have been designed to produce a vibrant working culture, to facilitate exchanges between employees and foster synergies.

    Facilitating sport and environmental standards are key to our organisational aims.

  3. We look after our people

    We look after our people

    We invest in you and your development at UEFA. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for our employees, notably through sports, and a work-life balance to allow time with family and children, is important to us.

    From your start, and throughout your assignment, we facilitate your integration within the organisation and provide you with all the support, advice and training, and offer a complete financial and social package.

  4. We put football first

    We put football first

    It may sound obvious, but football is at the core of our organisation and that includes encouraging staff to play, to learn about the sport, and to help run the European game.

    Football is at the heart of everything we do.

  5. We nurture relationships

    We nurture relationships

    In many roles at UEFA, employees work directly with our stakeholders, such as member associations and clubs.

    We see creating, developing and strengthening relationships as vital for the growth of European football.

What do our people say about it?

  • Angelo Rigopoulos, Legal Counsel

    Angelo Rigopoulos, Legal Counsel

    When I think where I work, I always have the feeling I have been blessed! Being part of UEFA, where the best football is played and where key decisions for the future of football are taken, is an honour. Long days of hard work are always paid back when the lights of a stadium are on and the UEFA Champions League anthem starts. Because, no matter where in UEFA you work, football comes always first!

  • Olivier Doglia, Football Development Manager

    Olivier Doglia, Football Development Manager

    It's great to work in football – when your passion can also be your job – because there should be pleasure in whatever you are doing. Football is an environment that is always changing and it gives you the chance to learn and to develop every day.

  • Catalina Navarro, Head of Commercial Operations

    Catalina Navarro, Head of Commercial Operations

    I am privileged to work at UEFA. It is an inspiring environment where we have the means to create and innovate and where teamwork is essential to achieving the best results. UEFA has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a professional. Throughout my time at UEFA, I have had the opportunity to meet extraordinary people from all over Europe, visit several countries and work with different cultures as well as contribute to the organisation of several events ranging from youth tournament to club competition finals. It has been – and continues to be – a colourful and diverse journey.